Is it because there are so many bad guys out there? Is it because they threaten us? Or are we actively looking for trouble?

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You could answer this with an encyclopedic or a schoolbook definition. We go to war to defend ourselves, to better our situation in the face of an outside threat – and so forth. In our modern times, there must always be a NOBLE reason for war. If there isn’t, then you’re an aggressor and a war criminal.

And then there are the cynics who point out how profitable wars can be, and they’re accompanied by the (deliberately?) misleading statements by historians and economists assuring us that wars can be good for the economy.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the anti-war activists who proclaim war as the root of all evil, and who try their best to influence policies to limit wars, if not to eliminate them entirely. How successful they have been, we can all see.

There are, of course, also millions of fair-weather anti-war activists. For example, the left was almost united against war, while Bush Jr was in office, but they’ve all gone underground while Obama’s holding the reigns.

Both the opponents as well as the proponents of war are missing the bigger picture – at least as far as what goes on the record.

  1. The bigger picture involves MONEY. If you didn’t have money to pay for a war, you wouldn’t do it. Hence, it follows, that the ability to produce money at will (as in our “fiat” money system) is the necessary prerequisite of going to war in the first place. In the old days when you actually had to have REAL money with which to pay for your war of conquest – or defence – limited the number of wars that could be fought.
  2. Ever since the introduction of fiat currencies, and as governments became increasingly used to them, the number of wars and conflicts has actually risen. The 20th – and the 21st – centuries have seen MORE wars and conflicts than any historical period before that.
  3. A successful argument can be made that if our currency was based on something tangible and full accounting was required – wars would become all-but-eliminated within a generation.

While I’m not trying to over-simplify the matter and blame everything on political and corporate greed, there is NO DOUBT in my mind that a REAL currency would have a strong TEMPERING effect on our apetites for war. Today, it strongly appears, diplomacy really is the SECOND option only POSING as the first. Take the EASY MONEY out of the equation, introduct ACCOUNTABILITY which, today, is but a sham – and you’ll stop wars dead in its tracks (pun intended).

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