why do people hate obama

He was everybody’s favorite when we elected him, and now it seems even many dems are turning against him. Any ideas?

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If you are like me, irrespective of your political leanings (I was mostly a right-leaning independent), you too were seduced and persuaded by Barack Obama, back in 2008. And if you’re like me, you didn’t know a thing about him and simply fell for the rhetoric – hook line and sinker. By the time Obama was elected, I had tears in my eyes and practically believed that he could do no wrong. I spewed angry, righteous fire of indignation at those who would, in my view, try to undermine him or in any way even question him. Over the first 100-or-so days, all the things he did which I otherwise wouldn’t agree with, I explained away and persuaded people to “just give him a chance!”

If you are like me, your doubts slowly turned to worries by about 150-200 days into his presidency. After a year, you were puzzled and increasingly critical… but still generally supportive. Another year… and you found yourself at a crossroads. This way: continue supporting and believing in his intentions and abilities. That way: continue questioning and withdrawing your support, all the while researching, studying, trying to understand what’s really going on. And you couldn’t help thinking of just one word when it came to Obama: hypocrisy!

If you are like me, you picked the latter option. Obama ran out of excuses for me within 2-3 years – which is much longer than it should have been, considering how much research I do, and how I pride myself on being reasonably well informed and capable of critical thinking. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one. Not only republicans and independendents who once supported him now started abandoning him, but also growing numbers of democrats.

Sure, he maintains staunch and vocal support from Hollywoord, mainstream media and his sponsors – the mega corporations and banks – but the grassroots are now seriously eroded. While today, at the end of 2013, there are still millions of blind followers and ardent believers, truth be told, Obama is on his last legs as far as popular support goes. And that’s a real shame.

Even as pro-Obama activists and celebrities (many of whom we all tend to love and admire) do their best to staunchly support the President – the rest of us has had it up to here. Even his charm and genuine likeability don’t seem to cut it anymore.

I’m 100% positive it’s NOT racism as Oprah would have you believe. Perhaps I live in a bubble, but the vast majority of the people I know are definitely NOT racist, not even in the slightest. Obama couldn’t have won if it wasn’t for serious and color-blind “white” support. The few idiots who hate him because of race are a tiny margin and couldn’t possibly be responsible for this situation.

So, the question is WHY?

  1. In spite of false claims that Obama delivered on most of his promises, the truth is that he hasn’t delivered on any of his MOST important campaign slogans. His official record is about 50-50, but the 50% undelivered ones are the ones that actually matter. Apologists sometimes say that his hands are tied and that he “can’t” deliver, though he still “wants” to. If that is true, then he is a puppet. On a human level, it’s understandable how someone can act out of fear of his bosses. But that would mean he’s a fake! And if that’s NOT true, then he’s a consumate liar and manipulator. There’s no room for misunderstanding when he said “more transparency”, for example, it actually meant “far less transparency”. On balance, a bit of both is almost certainly true, i.e. he’s both beholden to the powers that be, AND he actually didn’t intend on delivering on his slogans.
  2. He received a Nobel Prize “in advance” of having done anything, clearly on the assumption that he will indeed be a peace-maker. Even I, at that time still a staunch supporter, was dubious about this gesture. And… he delivered quite the opposite. More wars, less effective diplomacy, continued slide in the US’s international standing and respect. More conflict all around. And, clearly, he COULD have gone the other way. If, as his apologists maintain, he either was “forced” – then we’re back to the first argument. And if, as his other apologists say, he “IS doing what is right – then his sense of “right” is at odds not only with the MAJORITY of Americans – and people around the world – but also with simple morality.
  3. His social and economic policies are nothing short of disastrous. He’s rapidly increasing the police state and is seen to support injustice across the board. He’s growing the welfare state like no one before him. His health care reform is, rightly, perceived as one massive crony deal – and meanwhile the dollar is increasingly seen as being on its last legs and on its way to losing its international reserve currency status. Additionally, his support for the wholesale spying and repressive policies are perceived as “Big Brother just warming up”. His job creation policies are increasingly seen as phony, and his political agenda is all-too-frequently seen as socialist – in the worst sense of this word.

This is, clearly, what the POPULAR perceptions are. So why hasn’t he been impeached? Why isn’t there even more uproar against him than there is? The answer is, in all likelihood, a combination of factors.

Political manipulation, fear-mongering, even blackmail of would-be opponents. But also his still-appealing image as a “really nice guy” – as a result of which the masses are still unwilling to go all the way and demand that he be impeached.

There’s also the continued chorus of support from the mainstream media and Hollywood, and people are simply confused by the mixed messages. On the one hand all these clever and respectable people continue supporting the President, explaining and excusing his actions – on the other hand – there are all these things we can all see with our own lying eyes that just don’t work as it said on the tin.

And so, what could have been the most beloved, respected and inspiring president – has become the opposite. And the show ain’t over yet. Was he set up to fail by his backers? Or was this the “real” Mr O. all along? Regardless, we’ve still got until 2016 to see what else is up his sleeve. But if his war on whistleblowers has been successful, we won’t know what it is until it’s too late.

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