who will be the next president

Any trends forecasters around here? Psychics? Who will be the next president and why? Additionally, who SHOULDN’T be the next president?

Our answer:
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Engaging in this kind of a “prediction” only makes sense if it helps to illuminate the present. The future will take care of itself as a logical consequence.

Will “The Bilderbergs” decide who it will be? Certainly yes. Will “the people”? Certainly not.

So, if you know whom the Bilderberg group will favor – and others like CFR, Skull and Bones or whatever other “secret” group you choose to mention – you will likely pick the winner.

Currently, there’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton is the front-runner, even as we still have all the way until 2016 to go. Unsurprisingly, yet another Bush – Jeb Bush – is also very much on top of the potential heap. Wouldn’t that be something… another stolen election!

The Democrats will also almost certainly field Joe Biden and Howard Dean, just to liven things up, while the Republicans will additionally contribute someone like Sarah Palin or Scott Brown. The slightly libertarian-tinged likes of Ted Cruz or Rand Paul will also almost certainly be on the table.

And as for third parties – the only ones with some real agendas, but also ZERO chance – you’ll probably see people like Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson, Jesse Ventura – and, who knows, maybe even Roseanne Barr.

It’s all about entertainment – not substance. Whoever wins will be the one with the most financial backing. That financial backing will depend on their ability to sell the crony agenda and the “there-should-be-a-law-against-that” mentality to the people in the most successful way. In other words: the most successful and convincing liar.

The question of whether you should even bother to vote is actually a valid one. My suggestion is: YES, vote “none of the above”.

  1. Whom does America – and by extension, the World – NEED? It would HAVE TO be someone who would prioritize civil liberties and government accountability above all else. I’m not even hoping for someone who would reduce the size of government, address the economy in a contructive way, or promote the return to the true meaning of the rule of law. But if he/she would only focus on liberty – that would be a start.
  2. Whom does America NOT need – but will almost certainly get? Another easy-to-manipulate puppet (but with lots of charisma!) who will continue the current policies of mindless HERDING of the population. And lying. And further destroying the Constitution.
  3. Is there an “ideal?” I don’t know. I would have said Ron Paul in 2012 would have been close – but in some ways it would have been potentially an even worse disaster. He wouldn’t have had the support to carry out ANY reforms and would with 100% certainty have been blamed for ALL failure, as a result of which the libertarian views and support on the whole would have suffered greatly. The US – and the world – is NOT YET READY for a free market president.

I don’t see anyone among the real front-runners who is qualified. They’re all collectivist Keynesians who are over-eager to serve their corporate masters, come hell or high water. It goes without saying that there are NO truth-tellers among this fray and NONE of them would put the Nation’s interests ahead of their own.

Whom might I support from the “second and third tier” potentials? Dennis Kucinich from the Left – because he’s definitely one of the most honest people in politics, as his record clearly shows. Rand Paul from the Right, because his libertarian credentials are well-established (although not without controversy). And… Jesse Ventura from the independents (even though his views on the economy are often quite off the mark) – because you can say what you want about him, but he’s NOT a two-faced liar. And – surprisingly – he’s got a really good record of results from his Minnesota governance. Certainly no worse than anyone else’s.

Ultimately, however, I’m not filled with any sort of hope for the NEAR future. Profiteering bureaucrats and malleable pencil-pushers will carry the day. Liberty will continue to be diluted, the economy destroyed, money forged, prisons filled, millions of new laws added and hypocrisy will keep rising with ever-increasing speed. My only hope is that over the next quarter-century-or-so, enough people will be exposed to the liberty message and sound economics principles, to eventually – naturally and slowly – start dimantling the current power structures and aiming towards a FREE society.
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