middle east crisis

Over sixty years of nonstop fighting and death. Are these people really so bloody minded? Who is to blame for this situation? How would you solve it?

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There so many layers here and they’re constantly intermingled by commentators, analysts – and the parties to the conflict – alike. For example, “whose land was it to begin with?” Depends on how far back do you want to go. Or “aren’t the colonial powers to blame?”. Or “can’t the Jews just stop settling in Palestinian lands?” Or “can’t the Palestinians just stop attacking the Israelis for a moment?” Or “isn’t this just a globalist scheme to keep the wars and armaments going and to ultimately have all the control?” Or “isn’t third-party meddling by the US and others the real reason?” And I haven’t even scratched the surface.

Answering this question from ANY historical or geo-political perspective is doomed to fail. Thousands of very clever people – those with vested interests, and those without – are racking their brains daily trying to find a solution. But a solution to this problem is systemic, and that’s how I want to approach it.

  1. You must ignore the history for a moment. History is so open to interpretation that it’s actually pointless trying to debate it here. The issue is a moral one. But that morality can not be addressed until the SYSTEM itself is addressed first. If ever there was a potential case study for applying Libertarian principles – this is it. If the non-aggression and individual property rights principles were applied, things would soon start sorting themselves out. The problem here is the COLLECTIVE. The Palestinian COLLECTIVE versus the Israeli COLLECTIVE. A “collective”, like the forest, is an abstract. It doesn’t have feelings or rights. It is represented by individuals with limited views, intelligences – and agendas. Speaking on behalf of my pine forest, I demand to spread my seed in your deciduous forest. And yes, I speak for all the trees! As long as collectivists posing as representatives of individuals within their area claim the authority to represent them – the problem will never be solved. The issue is one of individuals working out their differences basing on the non-aggression and property rights principles. Allow them to do that – and the Middle East conflict will be over in a matter of weeks. Guaranteed.
  2. You must stop the meddling, except in the most basic sense of helping both the Arabs and the Israelis to understand and adopt the non-aggression and property rights principles. Naturally, this would require that the meddlers themselves did that too, so I know this is a lost hope. But, at least the Americans USED TO have something roughly approaching this. Still, today they’re as collectivist as anyone. But – it’s the only way. Think about it!
  3. You must NOT apportion blame. The blame game is so tempting and it only ever has one result: more violence and more blame. By adopting the above named Libertatian principles, you can afford to lay blame to rest until everything else is settled first.

So, the answer to this question is: NO ONE IS TO BLAME – and EVERYONE who doesn’t embrace the principles of non-aggression and property rights is to blame. Both the actors and the observers who reject those principles are to blame. If YOU think the Jews are to blame, or the Palestinians are to blame – you’re playing into the same vicious circular argument and you are CONTRIBUTING to the problem.

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