Julian Assange is not a US citizen, and yet some influential Americans are calling him a “traitor” and trying to pin “espionage” on him. WikiLeaks has published information about virtually all the major governments and corporations around the world, and yet he’s portrayed as specifically “Anti-American,” without a shred of proof to that effect. He’s a publisher, yet they insist on calling him a whistleblower. He’s an eloquent advocate for transparency in government, and yet they call him a terrorist. Even though his (carefully redacted) WikiLeaks releases haven’t seriously harmed any of the wrong-doers they exposed (sort of makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?), he’s nevertheless accused of having blood on his hands! So why is America so dead set against him? Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Hell Hath No Fury…

And as if all that wasn’t enough, Assange has been accused by two one-night-stand lovers (furious, once they found out about each other) of having unprotected sex with them. This, in the media’s eyes is enough to decry him as a “sex offender” and occasionally even – get this – gay!. Because that’s what gay people do – have sex with multiple partners of the opposite sex. Hence the gaiety.

And yet, he’s not been charged with any crime – sexual or otherwise – and is, ostensibly, “only” wanted for questioning. He immediately agreed to the questioning. In the UK. But they ignored that request. When he previously showed up for questioning – in Sweden – they released him without charge, dismissing the case as meritless.

But that was then. Soon afterwards they wanted to question him so badly they even issued a European Arrest Warrant for him, and placed him under arrest which has been going on for well over 500 days. No trial, no discussion, just brute force and endless hypocrisy. Still think Assange’s persecution is not politically motivated? Wanna buy a bridge?

Meanwhile prominent pundits and even politicians in the US call for his… assassination! Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it?   And for all of Assange’s trials and tribulations, the mainstream media – who have previously been only too happy to publish the scoops his organization unearthed, happily taking credit for the real journalism which wasn’t of their doing – now pile onto him a daily dose of slurs and accusations which would make even Osama bin Laden blush, deep under water where he’s said to have found his new home.

None of the above adds up. Someone’s got it in for Assange, and it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with the law. Not a goddamned thing. But who?

Red-Handed But Not Red-Faced

Even the most brainwashed among the American and the international public, if given but a cursory outline of all the known facts, might struggle to understand the manic fervor with which Assange is being persecuted. Could it really be that the US wants to punish him so badly for merely publishing low-level secrets which he didn’t steal, and which – as has already been demonstrated – haven’t caused even a tiny fraction of the mayhem and bloodshed they were supposed to have unleashed?

Unlike Bradly Manning, who is at least a US citizen and in whose case the US may, arguably, have valid legal arguments for prosecuting him (though not torturing and persecuting, as they have done), Julian Assange should be totally in the clear. He’s only exercised his right of freedom of speech in a Free World. He’s certainly not abused that freedom, but rather has done everyone a Nobel-Prize-worthy favor. Quite unlike some other Nobel Prize winners I could mention.

These mysterious forces within the US government and shadow government (and not only in the US) cry foul through their media mouthpieces, when caught red-handed – and everyone instead of focusing on their crimes, is slinging mud at the one person who has given everyone the one verifiable glimpse of what they really are! They didn’t even blush!

So, no. Such a level of vitriol against the man is not explained by any law I’m familiar with, and certainly not by the spirit of the law, particularly that of the US. Used to be whistleblowers helped keep organizations honest. Well, enough of that. Now it’s the whistleblowers who must be afraid.

But there’s more to all this than just scaring whistleblowers away. So could it be that these vicious attacks are sponsored by “some” people in the government, media and corporatocracy and their intent to scare whistleblowers from coming forward? People with quite a bit to lose if they’re exposed? Yes. This is much closer to the truth.

Mere Piranhas But Not Quite Sharks

Surely, it’s not just those crooked pundits nor even those blood-thirsty politicians calling for his assassination who are solely to blame. Certainly not the Canadian political “scientist” Tom Flannagan, whose incitement to murder was, arguably, but a humorous preamble. Or Weekly Standard’s multi-millionaire Bill Kristol’s patriotism which would like to make an example of Assange as well. Or another millionairess Sarah Palin who earned her every penny fair and square just like you or I can. Or Fox News analyst K.T. McFarland, or Rep. Mike Rogers – and quite a few others. Incidentally, all these multi-millionaires have arrived at their wealth rapidly and, to an inquiring mind, somewhat inexplicably.

But the piranha list doesn’t end there. It gets bigger and more exclusive still. Take Diane Feinstein, the uninspiring a caricature of a politician that she is. Or Sen. Joe Lieberman who could be a morbid comedian if he weren’t so grotesque. Or Hillary Clinton who stopped only barely short of calling for his murder. So we have all these individuals whose, frankly, inexplicable wealth growth is in itself at least cause for raised eyebrows, all ganging up on this dirt-poor publisher!

Diane Feinstein’s net worth in 2010 was just over $93 million and has, reportedly nearly doubled by now (you’ve got to admire her talent!); Joe Lieberman had “only” just over $3 million in 2010 but is, reportedly going to bust through $10 million this year (way to go Joe! No wonder you’re so ambitious).

Most of the other accusers are in the same league, averaging around $13 million for a senator and around $4.5 million for a representative. (And in case you wondered, Barack Obama’s net worth is reported to be around $20,000,000 now – up from a a paltry few hundred thousand before he got elected pres. Nice one!).

So what’s wrong with these public servants being rich? If they’re clever and have earned it – good for them! But, you see, there are all these mysteries here. Take Joe Lieberman for example. His official salary is around $170,000 (plus benefits). That’s per year. He’s said to be worth $10M today. So, how long would it take to earn that kind of cash, assuming you’re not spending even a penny of it and not paying any tax? 59 years! But let’s say he’s still only worth $3M as he was officially in 2008. It would still take him 18 years of penny-pinching to get there! And keep in mind that we’re only looking at the “official”, declared net worth. Some paranoid folks out there insist that these wise public servants have also managed to squirrel away at least double that much in some other accounts. Perish the thought! Shame on these conspiracy theorists… They must have some awesome investment advisors is all I can say. God forbid a whistleblower got anywhere near that!

I did a cursory check of all the most prominent Assange-bashers whom I’ve admired on TV and they all show a similar investment aptitude.

But OK. That was just an aside. I don’t think any of these people are more than a mere sideshow, actually. They’re small fry by comparison to the people I have in mind. More piranhas than sharks. Who, then? Remember the minor case of the Pentagon’s “missing” 2.3 Trillion (with a “T”) announced by Donald Rumsfeld one day before 9/11?

The Fakeout

Think about it. Can you think of a small, very elite group whose identities can only be guessed at (though some can be rather easily deduced, if not yet positively confirmed)? An elite who is directly endangered not just by whistleblowers in general but by Assange in particular? An elite which knows that there is one particular leak which would make today’s massive global problems appear like party games by comparison? A leak deep from within the innards of their corrupt global organization, which would require damage control so great that it might not even be possible to accomplish. Not even for these people…? And if that leak ever got out – they’d be TOAST!

To understand what that leak might be, let’s rewind a little. A while back, Assange made a brief but puzzling statement which has caused a wave of indignation in the “alternative” circles on the internet. He said something to the effect that “9/11 Truthers irritate me,” in that deadpan tone of his, further implying that he didn’t think much of 9/11 conspiracy theories. All critically-thinking people with no agenda to follow, had to stop and shake their heads in puzzlement. Huh?

For an intellectual of Assange’s caliber to so broadly and seemingly categorically reject even a mere suspicion of foul play in the 9/11 tragedy had to mean that he’s either a “shill” or that he’s foolishly naive. Some “Truthers” have tried to excuse him by suggesting that Assange might simply be “insufficienlty informed” about the details of 9/11. But considering that he is in fact one of the best-informed people in the world – bar almost none – this argument falls flat on its face.

A “shill” then? A “troll?” OK, but for whom? The government? The military? The CIA? The far left? The far right? The bankers? The revolutionaries? The anarchists? As you go down the list of increasingly unlikely candidates, and as you consider the entire known history of the man and his actions – the “shill” accusation fast loses ground.

So what about “a pompous ass” and/or “a naive idiot”? If you ever heard Assange speak or engage in an argument or a discussion, you already know that while he may have a strong ego, he’s certainly not a fool. And most certainly not a naive one. He’s quite clearly a very bright young man. Very. And so, he’s as capable as the next guy of making an incisive analysis and an assessment of undeniable facts – which includes 9/11. And he therefore quite simply must “know better” than to dismiss “all” 9/11 theorists as having no merit to their arguments. In spite of his apparent denial.

So I’ll go further than that: He knows! He knows who, and he knows how and he knows why. And, not unlikely, he even knows what’s being cooked up next.

That infamous statement of his was either a fakeout or a subtle signal. It could have been Assange’s attempt to throw some people off his track. Perhaps he was saying “don’t worry, I won’t publish any 9/11 leaks – leave me alone!” Or maybe “I really don’t think 9/11 was an inside job! Not even a LIHOP. I’m that naïve!” Or – it could have been the opposite “I know something about 9/11 and I’ll use it if you mess with me…!”

Is that, perhaps, why the Russians – who have as much to lose from WikiLeaks revelations as the Americans – have given Assange a supportive platform on their TV channel, RT?

As clever and as calculated as Assange is, he must have foreseen that this statement will polarize people. He therefore must have appreciated that while dividing his supporters, it will also potentially divide his opposition. And, in my view at least, it is quite possible that he’s still alive today because of that very statement…

Another Victim of 9/11

So here it is. My little pet theory. The specific people behind the 9/11 attacks – not the US Government, of course, but certain extremely powerful elements within or “behind” it – can’t afford a man of Assange’s stature and notoriety to have free reign or ANY influence, if they can help it. Even if he hadn’t received any leaks about 9/11 (as unlikely as this seems to me), he may well do so in the future.

So, who’s got it in for Assange then? Can you think of who fits the bill? You already know the names of all the piranhas. They practically spelled it out for you. They matter a bit, not all that much. But they’re not the ones with the clout to so blatantly trample all our civilized laws and get away with it.

So, who has the most to lose if the true facts about the 9/11 coverup emerge? How hard is it to look at the connections of all these piranhas? The media, the pundits, the politicians, the military, the corporatocracy?

Look at the ones who protest too much. Cherchez la femme, as they say. And then find out whom “she” is protecting. It’s always that way. Julian Assange is both a product and a victim of 9/11. And as for us – we’re just going to stand around and let him take the fall…

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