Could the Apollo missions have been faked?

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There’s been a curious revival of the “we-never-went-to-the-moon” conspiracy over the past dozen-or-so years. The doubters point out a number of compelling points and, incredibly, they’ve won over many converts! No doubt, this has a lot to do with the continually plummeting public trust in government and anything it says. But – there’s also the “evidence” and, if you just glance at it, it sure does appear to be powerful.

  1. Among the many objections to the veracity of the Moon Landing story is photographic evidence. The absence of stars in the shots, the unknown sources of “studio” light and the wrongly placed shadows. Having looked at that evidence, it’s hard to disagree. But, when you think about it, all this proves is that the PHOTOS have been staged or otherwise retouched. It doesn’t necessarily follow that we didn’t actually go there. It’s like saying that just because Britney Spears photos have all been retouched – she doesn’t exist.
  2. Another powerful objection to the Moon Landing is the existence of the Van Allen Belts, where the radiation is so powerful that it would be virtually impossible – according to the conspiracy theory – to pass through that and live, given the shielding technology we had in 1969 and even today. This objection objection ignores available evidence to the contrary.
  3. Other objections include the lack of dust or a blast crater after the landing, the anomalous radio transmission time, missing data and even claims of insufficient technology. Each of these and other objections have been rationally refuted – though it doesn’t prevent the opposition from continuing with “yea, but…”

So, just think about it. The Soviets didn’t dispute it. The sheer number of photographs taken (ALL of them would have to be faked!) The unambiguous rock samples. None of the 400,000-plus people involved in the missions have ever come forward with any doubts. It wasn’t just one mission. There were 7 (1 was aborted). And then there’s the detailed refutations, all of which DO hold water. I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but this one DOES NOT pass the smell test and, tragically, it adds to the myth that “all conspiracy theories are for idiots.”

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