There’s a lot of talk on alternative channels about this. Did the US really fund the Nazis? Or the Soviets? How can we learn more?

Our answer:

There’s been a lot of talk for the past couple of decades (and greatly intensifying lately) about the possible involvement of US banks and corporations with the Nazis – as well as the Soviets. While some of these conspiracy theories go a bit too far either by misstating the facts or by blowing them out of proportion – or context – not all deserve to be dismissed. In fact, quite a number of them have exited the “conspiracy theory” niche and entered “historical fact”. The real issue is not so much whether the US or British financial interests – or even the Vatican! – were involved in propping up the Nazi or the Soviet regimes, but rather the agendas or motivations behind it.

  1. It’s a matter of record that virtually all the “controversial” regimes in recent history HAVE received backing from major international and US banks – as well as corporations. The motivations for that ranged from purely financial (backing each horse to hedge your bets), to ideological, to military/strategic.
  2. Individual families (Bush, Rockefeller, Ford, Morgan, etc), additionally have more-than-unusual connections with some of these regimes, often going back dozens of years.
  3. There appears to have been a frequent disconnect between official government policies and behind-the-scenes financial or corporate dealings between the parties involved. There is also good evidence that the backers later backtracked, once matters got out of hand. There is also good evidence of financial and operational meddling – and even support – in those regimes by US clandestine services like the CIA, etc.

The literature on this subject is voluminous and compelling. The answer to the above question is a decisive YES. But the interpretation, as tempting as it may be for some to blame the elites for everything under the sun, remains an open question (in fairness, with the evidence mounting AGAINST the Western manipulators).

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