Did Oswald do it alone? Or was he part of a conspiracy. Or did he even do it in the first place? Who has the most convincing answer?

Our answer:
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Outside of 9/11, the JFK conspiracy is the greatest of them all. You’re STILL a NUTJOB if you think anyone other than Oswald did it. This, in spite of over 50 years having passed since that tragic day during which the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1979 declared that there WAS indeed a conspiracy! Go figure. Incidentally, the similarities in the modus operandi between the JFK story and 9/11 are startling, but that’s another story. Having spent years studying this case, I can only say this: only a nutjob could have studied the evidence and STILL think there was no conspiracy.

  1. There is overwhelming factual and logical evidence that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that 3 bullets fired from a slow and inaccurate rifle, from that distance and angle and in the time allowed, could NOT POSSIBLY have caused the kind of damage we’ve seen. In fact, it is proven IMPOSSIBLE to even fire 3 shots with that Manlicher-Carcano rifle (without aiming) in the known time.
  2. There is also overwhelming evidence of multiple shots coming from multiple (at least 2) directions.
  3. And then, there are testimonials by credible witnesses – as well as sufficient film evidence – to eliminate any doubt that not only multiple shots were fired, but that also the damage done to the president’s head, visible on video did NOT correspond to the damage in later-published autopsy photos.

The plot is very thick. Culprits and suspects are many. You can speculate all you want about many different aspects of this story – except one. There really – REALLY – is NO WAY a single gunman could have done this!

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