Depending on which poll you consult, anywhere between 30% to 50% of Americans don’t believe the official story. More than 50% of non-US respondents agree. So… was it a REAL conspiracy?

Our answer:

Nothing will get you banned from polite company quite so quickly as expressing ANY doubts about the official 9/11 story. Wanna lose some friends and kill your job prospects real quick? Just tell them you’re not convinced about the official story of the 9/11 attacks.

But… doesn’t that lady protest too much? 9/11 was possibly the MOST important event on a global scale after World War II. Doesn’t it warrant asking some questions? Doesn’t perpetual war in its name deserve at least a little hard cross-examination? And doesn’t it puzzle you just how many debunking sites there are, all recycling the same exact fallacious counter-arguments and misstating the positions of the best-established 9/11 Truth representatives? If you can’t win an argument based on facts, why invent some fake ones so that you can overthrow these and declare victory?

Sadly, there is a concentrated media war going on against ANYONE who questions the official story. Ever wondered why? So-called “EXPERTS” are rolled out, presenting mind-bogglingly false conclusions, aiming to discredit anyone who dares to think differently – by just sticking to PHYSICS.

But there are many layers here, to be fair. There are many IDIOTS in the Truth movement, and many wild theories – completely unnecessary when you consider that the main ones suffice perfectly. There is also a multitude of DISINFO agents who infiltrate the Truth Movement and spread false interpretations which are ever-so-easily and well and truly “debunkable”.

But all this does not invalidate the central premise: those buildings could not fall the way they did without violating the laws of physics – UNLESS there were explosives planted. Most serious 9/11 investigators stop there. You figure out the rest. But some propose to apportion blame and responsibility. Some believe the government “let it happen on purpose” (the so-called “LIHOP” faction), and some that it “made it happen on purpose” (i.e. the MIHOP group).

Personally, I have good theories on “who” might have been behind this, but they’re highly speculative – though not without voluminous compelling evidence. But I prefer to simply focus on the physical facts and the IMPOSSIBILITY of replicating what we’ve seen without explosives.

  1. Even if you’re not a physics major (like yours truly), you should be able to construct an experiment – a physical one or even a mental one. Create a structure like the towers. You can use ANY material – paper, eggshells, metal, wood – whatever you like. You don’t even have to glue it! Now, set the smaller top portion on fire and watch it squash the bottom part. Doesn’t work? Set the LARGER portion on fire and watch it squash the bottom part. Still no luck? Put a series of increasingly heavy weights on top of the structure until at one point everything collapses to dust. And don’t forget to WEIGH your structure and WEIGH your weights. What is the proportion of the extra weights to the weight of the structure? Can you now see the amount of energy necessary to accomplish this kind of complete pulverization? Chances are you were NOT able to PULVERIZE it! That would require EVEN MORE energy than a typical home experiment can conceivably produce.
  2. Now… create a similar experiment but there is NO FIRE on top. No huge plane impact. Just falling debris weighing a fraction of a percentage of what the structure-to-be-destroyed weighs. We’re looking at Building 7. It collapsed into its footprint at near-free-fall speed without being hit by any planes.
  3. And now consider the Pentagon. Not a trace on the lawn. The ORIGINAL hole far too small for this kind of plane to fit through it. NO airplane parts found. Downdraft not factored in. Flight path and speed impossible for an aircraft of this kind. Add it all up. Still supporting the official theory…?

I don’t “know” who did it or “why”, though multiple plausible scenarios are easy to imagine. But I do know that the official story is too facile to seriously consider, and it’s aimed at simpletons only. DO NOT buy into it! I certainly don’t believe that “the government” did it. But certain individuals within the government definitely facilitated, if not initiated, it. You can take that to the bank!

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