rand paul endorses mitt romneyJust look at the hysteria that’s erupted in the Libertarian circles since Rand Paul (half-heartedly) endorsed Mitt Romney. “Betrayal!” Everyone screamed. And soon more voices joined in “Ron Paul has betrayed his own movement!”

Oh ye of little faith…

Here’s what I think about that.

So Ron was trustworthy all these years, a great inspiration and all that – and now, ON A DIME, you all turn and spew paranoia?!

I have NO DOUBT that he has NOT compromised his values, nor will he ever. His 40-or-so-year record convinces me of that quite amply.

This said, I can only imagine his reality and pressures. Who knows what kind of behind-the-scenes machinations are going on. Most of that is probably happening entirely behind his back. If you’d ever been around political types, heck even in a large corporate office, you know exactly what I mean.

Did he know about Rand? I have no doubt he did. Did he endorse his endorsement? I have no doubt he did NOT. But if he let it happen – I can only begin to imagine a whole host of reasons. It only takes a little open mind, good will and a wee bit of healthy skepticism. This guy is under PRESSURE few of us could take.

And did you notice how unenthusiastic Rand was during his “endorsement”? CLEARLY there was a lot going on there which we weren’t privy to. I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed this, and it’s not wishful thinking.

RP’s goal all along was NOT to run for president.

The way I see it, running for president was the means that justified the end.

He has already succeeded in his BIGGEST goal: awakening you lot. Winning the presidency would have been a superb icing on the cake. But then, it’s like trying to become a mafia boss when everyone around you knows you’re a COP with no ties to the family. No matter how tough a cop you might be, no matter how hard you campaign and how many family members you convert, you will NEVER become capo di tutti capi. Capisce?

What we need to do now is CARRY ON REGARDLESS. And continue praising and supporting this sole DECENT person on top of the political food chain. We owe him that much. And we owe that much to ourselves – and our children!

If anything, INTENSIFY your VERY VOCAL support for RON PAUL!

And also consider this: If the end justifies the means, then you could even say that few prices are “too high.”

Oh and speaking of Mitt – does he strike you as a very bright and principled man? Do you have a feeling that you could talk him into a corner quite easily? I certainly do. And you’d always know you could trust him to follow his own self-interest.

If it was me in Ron’s place, I would seriously consider engineering a Trojan Horse manneouvre. Especially if I knew I have the support of the majority of my movement.

Am I worried about Mittens becoming president? No more than worried than I am about 4 more years of Obama. But would I feel better if he was accompanied by an adult? Like Rand? Or, dare I say it, even Ron?

I sure would.

Last word: Rand may not be Ron. He’s much more of a “politician”. But his record too is pretty good. I will reserve my judgment for now. I still like Rand on a purely human level. His “betrayal” is less important than you think.

Meanwhile – KEEP GOING RON PAUL!!!


I have posted the above on Tom Wood’s site.

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