In a way, you’ve got to admire how cunningly coordinated the whole thing was. Most people are not actively involved in the political process and don’t follow everything their governments do. So, slipping one by them is not a big problem as it turns out.

ACTAJust days earlier, the “informed world” was up in arms about the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislations in the US. Every site with any kind of political consciousness and a moral core was protesting, Wikipedia and others even shut down for 24 hours to make a point and… wonder of wonders – the authorities backed down. Everyone heaved a sigh of cautious relief. “Let’s watch out for the next one” they all blogged.

They didn’t have to watch out for too long, though. Enter ACTA, the “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement”. In many ways an evil twin of SOPA and PIPA, but – international not “just” US based! And this one passed, largely unopposed, if you don’t count the Poles who took to the streets in righteous anger. The full text of the ACTA agreement is available here.

Strangely, Wikipedia, Google and others are not protesting as hard this time around. And yet it’s an international treaty, and thus by default including the US and the UK – and it’s by and large the same animal as SOPA and PIPA. What a masterful stroke by the corporate lackeys who got this thing passed.

As you’ll see from the text (linked above), the agreement is full of little loopholes, nooks and crannies, which you can drive a tank through. Read more about ACTA here. Or here in this Wikipedia article. And no, EU is NOT the only signatory to this bill. The US who instigated this, the UK, of course the EU, but also Canada, Japan, South Korea, Morocco,  Australia and – before you know it the rest of the world.

Of course it is necessary to protect intellectual property. It’s necessary to have law and order. No one in their right mind supports anarchy and outright theft. But neither should anyone in their right mind support laws which trample our rights and criminalize everyone. ACTA, like SOPA and PIPA – and who knows how many other “agreements” – is designed to function as a control mechanism over the population – “for your own good” – which is what all collectivist laws invariably claim. This has got to stop!

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