They make so many laws against everything now, so why not obesity?! What would your arguments be FOR and AGAINST?

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Taxation is not merely a way to fleece the people, while enriching the government – it’s also a means of social control. Stigmatize cigarettes, for starters, and soon you have a compliant base of guilt-ridden tax payers, while you can claim that you’ve done something for the “public good”. Brownie points as a politician, a “healthier” public, more money in the coffer – everyone’s happy, right? And once this exercise works, you reach for the next thing. More social engineering-cum-fleecing results. And nobody complains!

The US – and many other Western countries – is toying with the idea of a “fat tax” (among thousands of other similar taxes). Mexico’s already implemented it – with entirely negative results, of course, but American proponents are certain that US enforcement would be much more effective – and profitable – needless to say!

New York’s Nanny-in-Chief, the heroic Mr Bloomberg, has already gone to battle with his “soda ban,” and he’s not about to give up – for your own good. Of course his concern is NOT for the well-being of New Yorkers. His agenda is purely a business decision with policital brownie points attached, as always. But the gullible public are DEBATING this as if it were something that was actually up for debate… Well, you make your bed and you sleep in it, America! Sadly, THE SAME is happening everywhere else in the Western world.

  1. The government is NOT a doctor. It has no power nor authority to prescribe anything or to look after your health. It DOES usurp that authority by twisting and re-interpreting the constitution – and most of you agree. The price of your agreement is, and will increasingly be, a smaller and smaller cage in which they’ll keep you and your children.
  2. There is never a shortage of well-meaning activists and uninformed collectivist buffoons who want to “help” YOU. And you can not outrun them. The Left specializes in this, but ALL political activists always have something up their sleeves which is “for your own good”. Well-paid government-funded scientists are only too happy to join the fray, with many trying to out-do each other when it comes to “recommendations” on what should be banned next, in order to improve the health of our society. Barf-bag, somebody, please!
  3. All taxes like these are supported by the would-be-do-gooder, poorly educated, unwittingly mean and somewhat spiteful “There-Should-Be-a-Law-Against-That” crowd. Nothing is easier than stirring up hatred and intollerance in people, and the government knows it. Divide and conquer – the oldest trick in the book. YOUR intollerance is the reason why it’s so easy to prohibit things, to tax them – and to turn free people into drones. Thank you for that. Only trouble is, friend – you’re next.

There is absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind that you WILL be taxed on your fat consumption. You’re already taxed to death on so many things you don’t even realize (paying 100% to 1000% more for everyday items than what the free market would require), so what’s another one! Slowly, but surely, you will be taxed on EVERYTHING and penalized heavily for EVERYTHING else. The Nanny State is here to stay and nothing short of a ground-up rethink and an intellectual revolution will change that.

So, to answer the above question, OF COURSE NOT – obesity should not be against the law. But – OF COURSE YES, it WILL be.

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