Ron PaulFew if any among the modern political figures in the US – and indeed the world – are capable of inspiring as much passion (on both ends of the emotional spectrum) as Congressman Ron Paul, who as 2012 is about to begin is almost certainly the front-runner in the 2012 presidential GOP race.  Or should be – if his Internet popularity is anything to go by.

But the corporate media are marginalizing him today as much (or more) as they did when he ran in 2008. Consider this report by Jerry Day, if you’re in any doubt:

And now go to and run the same query using all the current candidates! Kinda makes your blood boil, doesn’t it?

Widely perceived as possibly the most incorruptible and honest politician on the US political scene, this champion of individual liberties is as uncompromising and consistent as he is personable and charming. His traditional, strictly constitutional values make him both the hero and the villain to people – depending on which side of the political divide they stand.

The hard-core lefties see him as “too capitalistic” because he sees “the free market” as the solution to all our problems. The lefties get a heart attack when they hear the word “market” because that to them means “rampant capitalism.” But what they fail to understand is that “market” in this context is the precise synonym for “the people!”

“Let the market decide” is like saying “let the will of the people happen!”

The hard-right see him as soft on foreign policy. They hate that he doesn’t support the American Empire and thus wrongly accuse him of being against defending the homeland. And they are also cynical about his lack of will to provide foreign aid to “our allies”. But consider this superb post from an Israeli settler, rabbi Rafi Farber in his blog “Settlers of Samaria”, entitled Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go. I challenge you not to be deeply moved by it!

Here’s someone’s excellent video based on that very article:

[youtube eUXNfk4MMlI]

And both sides agree that Ron Paul‘s wish to eliminate wasteful spending and wasteful (and dangerous) government departments and over-reach is just too “far out” to treat him seriously.

Don't Steal The Government Hates CompetitionBut Ron Paul‘s anti-collectivist stance is winning him a lot of love from the ordinary people from all walks of life. People who are nonplussed or even disgusted by the left-right politics, and who are just longing for some fairness and honesty in government. With Ron Paul, they know they’ll get it!

His message is simple, if sometimes almost “naive” or “too far out there.”

But these are just first impressions.

Because the more you listen, the more you realize that his seemingly old-fashioned, traditionalist values are EXACTLY what is needed. Young people idolize him for that – so perhaps it’s not so old-fashioned after all!

His personal and moral integrity are a model to emulate and, without doubt, are desperately and urgently needed not just by the US, but also the whole world.

Is it any wonder then that the soulless corporate media have taken it upon themselves to do everything in their power to try and destroy the man? Belittle him, marginalize him – deny him any victories. Even those he’s winning with overwhelming proof.

And so Ron Paul has become a new kind of  “conspiracy” in his own right. He’s the truth-teller they’re all trying to “get”.

Perhaps that’s why the outpouring of love for Ron Paul has been growing and reaching fever pitch as GOP elections are nearing ever closer.

Here are some of the best links for your reference. Most of those links (and this is just a TINY sampling) are fan-generated.


If you’re not convinced yet – watch this:

Ron Paul at the Nevada GOP debate.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that can be trusted. He is the only one that has kept his word.

Ron Paul comments on the media. He is ignored because he is the only candidate that challenges the establishment.

Dr Tom Woods, a staunch supporter of Ron Paul, presents a powerful case for the right of states to nullify federal laws that they consider to be unconstitutional.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that can be trusted because he is the only one that has kept his word. Pass this on!

Compare Ron Paul to the so-called “front-runner”:

Israel confirms Ron Paul’s foreign policy

Also read this: “10 reasons why even democrats, liberals and progressives are choosing Ron Paul over Obama

Finally, want to have a laugh? As funny as this guy is, what he’s saying is spot on!


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