psy-operaWarning: DISINFO. Nevertheless, well worth a look!

Created by musician and Hollywood video production expert, Ace Baker, this is quite simply the best case I’ve seen for the “no planes” theory. He actually shows you how it might have been done in much more detail and with more expertise than I’ve seen in other similar videos!

While you take in the various details, do keep in mind that the No Planes theory is as far-fetched as it’s clearly unrealistic. To make it work, you’d have to eliminate the hundreds of eyewitnesses who did NOT see holograms but real planes – or plane-like missiles perhaps – strike those buildings.

01 Broken News

02 The Official Story vs The Truth

03 Scholars For 911 Truth

04 Phenomena

05 Legally Challenged

06 What Planes?

07 The Key

08 The Psy-Opera

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