gay marriage

I think people disagree on this issue a lot. Is there a balanced view?

Our answer:

It’s pretty incredible how divisive this issue really is. People on all sides of this debate can’t agree with each other: “Should we let them do as they like or should we make them conform with the rest of us?” “Won’t their ‘depravity’ aggress against our ‘righteousness”?” “If I support their choices, does that mean I’m ‘pro-gay’?” “If I opposed their right to do what they want, am I therefore a hateful bigot?”

Even the Catholic Church isn’t unified on this question. Most in it agree that it’s a SIN, but some argue for a more liberal stance since “we’re all God’s children”. Even the libertarians disagree. While the majority say “live and let live”, some argue that where others’ choices trespass against us, it’s a form of aggression and should therefore be disallowed! The Left, while generally “liberal” and “pro” gay rights, also has its opposition – as much as the Right which is generally “against” and also has its more liberal detractors.

But while the majority consensus today is “let them do as they like”, another contentious issue has come up, hell-bent on breaking up the already-tenuous agreement: “should they be allowed to MARRY?”

  1. The opposition points out that “marriage” is a clearly “reserved” word which defines a union between a MAN and a WOMAN.
  2. The proponents argue that marriage has no such clear meaning and is merely a form of an “officially sanctioned” union between two people who love each other.
  3. The appeasers on both sides argue that we should be okay with “civil union” with the exact same rights as a “marriage”, but we should avoid the term “marriage” itself, not to offend anyone who disagrees.

For me, the issue is very simple really. Who am I to tell others how to live? As long as they don’t tell ME how to live – let them do whatever they like. In a free market of competing ideas, I’ll raise my children to make their best choices on their own, and the rest will be in their hands and their NATURE. I don’t want to be party to further oppression of minorities with whom I may disagree. As long as they don’t aggress against me – I will not aggress against them. Just because I accept that they’re gay and have EQUAL rights to me, doesn’t mean I’d for even a minute consider changing my own values!

As for the terminology – sure, I realize that some people will be offended by the “misuse” of a WORD which they hold to be “sacred.” But the thing is, ANY word can be claimed as “untouchable” and anyone can CHOOSE to be offended by it – or not.

Some of the brightest people we’ve known throughout history have been gay and the society made their lives living hell. Why? Simply because they were “different”. Making an issue of things like this is a guaranteed way to not only hinder your own intellectual progress – but also to hinder that of others, not to mention promoting unwarranted aggression and discord.

The government, the church – and indeed, the “majority” – have NO RIGHT to tell you how to live your life. Only your immediate social group does, and even then only indirectly. If they accept you, you’re free to do as you like. If they reject you – you either change or you move on to a different group. This is the way a FREE society deals with ALL issues.

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