secrets of the pyramidsHere are a few videos which can only be described as among the very best in their category. Done by independent researchers and going much deeper than just about anything else you’re likely to find on this subject.

As you watch these videos, ask yourself if you’ve ever seen a more in-depth and serious study by any conventional archeologist. If you take any interest in these things, you will have read much of the available scholarly literature and, sadly, while you may have come across some works of greater import, most are pedestrian, unimaginative and timid. Conclusions are hardly ever explained and come across more like conjectures. Well, in the videos below, you won’t be forced to accept anything on faith. Prepare for one heck of a ride!

Secrets in Plain Sight

This nearly 4-hour long special analyzes the relationships between the various mystery locations around the world as well as their measurements. Absolutely fascinating and unusual. Written and directed by Scott Onstott.

The Code – by Carl Munck

Although done quite independently of the video above, there are many similar threads here and Carl Munck delves even deeper, if at all possible. Don’t be put off by his deadpan delivery. This is definitely a gem!


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