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ron paulWe live in a world of few statesmen. They’re almost all “politicians” now –  the most pejorative sense of the word. The one shining example of an honest, decent human being who got into politics out of concern for his countrymen, is Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, now a republican Presidential candidate. Incorruptible, with a stellar record of political consistency unmatched by ANY other member of Congress or Senate – indeed – anyone in the US Government and possibly beyong, Ron Paul scares the establishment so much that they routinely black out all media stories about him. When he wins a debate, they’ll talk about #2 and #3, if he comes in second, they’ll talk about #1 and #3 – and if they do mention his name, it can ONLY happen on the condition that they also add the word “unelectable” to it. Or “cranky old guy”. Dr Paul, an OBGYN doctor, practicing until quite recently, even refuses compensation for his work in Congress. The ruling elite don’t know what to do with a guy like that!

Feb 15, 2012 – Fox News Cancels Freedom Watch For Favoring Ron Paul  Source: YouTube

Feb 15, 2012 – Freedom Watch: GOP Strategist Ron Paul Will Be on GOP Ticket Source: YouTube

Jan 22, 2012 – Students for Sensible Drug Policy question presidential candidates. [Guess who is the ONLY one with sensible, thought-through answers…?] Source:

Aug 28, 2011 – 5-star rating for this one: Tom Woods explains to Democratic Progressives that Ron Paul is more aligned with their core values than their own party. Source: Tom Woods; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 28, 2011 – Ron Paul delivers ‘rocking’ responses in a Fox News interview. He advocates abolishing FEMA, challenges central planning, says Lybya’s next leader probably will be no better, exposes the madness of US global wars, explains Austrian Economics, and makes a strong case for a gold-backed currency. Source: YouTube; Found through: Unfiltered News


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