New World Order

new world orderSo what’s wrong with a “new world order?” A world where we can all get along, live and trade happily together, where there are no borders, just freedom to pursue happiness? Nothing at all, it it’s pursued with integrity and fairness. Everything, if pursued against the will of the people and with an iron fist. It then becomes corporatism, fascism – and tyranny. It’s yet another clear example of abuse of power.

Oct 17, 2011 – Oil company threatens to use the power of eminent domain to confiscate land for a pipeline from Canada to Gulf of Mexico. [The pipeline is not yet approved by the federal government but likely will be. If it is, it will be claimed that it is in the “national interest,” and the project will proceed.] Source: NY Times; Found through: Unfiltered News

Oct 6, 2011 – Secret panel of unidentified senior government officials create “kill lists” for the President to consider. Source: Reuters; Found through: Unfiltered News

Oct 1, 2011 – Obama takes credit for ordering the killing of an American citizen, the Islamic cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, on the claim that he was an Al Qaeda leader. This was done without due process of law under the Constitution – no charges, no trial, no defense – just a decree to kill issued by a supreme leader. Source: Natural News; Found through: Unfiltered News

Sep 13, 2011 – Homeland Security now is tracking medical and police records of Canadians as the integration of the two countries continues quietly without public notice or discussion. Source: Natural News; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 28, 2011 – Here is a list of false-flag operations in which governments or organizations have staged attacks and blamed them on their enemies in order to engineer public opinion. [Most of these events are not acknowledged as false flag by mainstream media.] Source: GGArchives; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 26, 2011 – Has Chase Bank resorted to fraud in foreclosing on home loans? Hard to believe, but here are the facts. [Stealing is about the worst thing a bank can do.] Source: Naked Capitalism; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 20, 2011 – Swiss research study shows that powerful corporations really do run the world: 147 of the top transnational businesses control 40% of global finances.  Source: PhysOrg; Found through: Unfiltered News


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