Government Fraud

government fraudThe stronger Big Brother becomes, the easier it is for governments and huge corporations to get away with outright fraud and willful mismanagement. Government fraud is the very antithesis of democracy and fairness, because it is always shielded by false pretenses, false laws – and brute enforcement power.

Oct 6, 2011 – Officials at the US Army Corps of Engineers stole over $20 million by skimming and laundering money through fraudulent contracts. Source: Daily Mail; Found through: Unfiltered News

Sep 15, 2011 – US Government has lost track of 36,000 pounds of weapon-grade plutonium and uranium that was sent to foreign countries supposedly for research.  Source: Business Insider; Found through: Unfiltered News

Sep 1, 2011 – Why are energy prices in the US so high? It has little to do with the cost of energy and much to do with political corruption. Dick Cheney has been a key player. Here is the story. Source: MorphCity; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 31, 2011 – Prize-winning amateur video illustrates the enormity of the federal debt. You will be surprised at the ending. Source: YouTube; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 23, 2011 – Siphoned off, wasted, and forgotten: How more than $1billion given to 9/11 charities by well meaning Americans has been frittered away by mismanagement and scams. Source: Daily Mail; Found through: Unfiltered News


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