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big brotherGeorge Orwell’s nightmarish vision of the world in 1984 and beyond has been coming true with a vengeance at an ever-increasing pace. Big Brother is here now, happy as Larry. Using “your safety” and “your own good” as excuses, governments around the world continue to step up coercion and unconstitutional controls over the population.

Jan 22, 2012 – Lies, damned lies, and piracy statistics. [Julian Sanchez is on fire in this Ars Technica article on the funny accountancy and outright lies that underlie the harms-from-piracy stats cited in policy debates about Internet censorship and surveillance proposals like SOPA and PIPA] Source:

Jan 22, 2012 – Foreign journalist claims corruption, brutality, death threats from Japanese airport officials. [What’s so strange about that? Japanese are only doing what the US has sanctioned…] Source:

Aug 29, 2011 – Federal agents raid Gibson Guitars and confiscate over $1 million in wood without explaining why. Some of the wood came from foreign countries and may have been harvested from trees that are said to be ‘endangered’. The U.S. prohibits the importation of any plant or animal claimed to be endangered. Source: New American; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 29, 2011 – Tennessee mother is told by police that she will be arrested if she lets her 10 year-old child ride her bike 1 mile to school again. If the mother does not make her daughter ride the school bus, they say she will be guilty of child neglect. [The collectivist state just grows and grows.] Source: Bikewalk; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 27, 2011 – TSA’s naked-body scanners and pat-downs are ineffective as security measures. Bomb-sniffing dogs are far more efficient and less expensive. Here are the facts. Source: I Am Free America; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 27, 2011 – Illinois man may be sentenced to 75 years in prison for filming on-duty police officers and recording his court hearing because he was refused a court reporter. [Illinois is one of several states with such laws. It is unclear at this time if the Sept 1 decision of the federal appeals court that said such recordings are not illegal will have any effect on state law.] Source: YouTube; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 27, 2011 – This will make you angry. Armed officers of the Los Angeles County ‘Nuisance Abatement’ team are forcing people out of their homes in the remote desert, using zoning and code violations as the excuse. Some of these ‘off-the-grid’ residents have been jailed and others forced to destroy their own homes. Source: YouTube; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 24, 2011 – New York Police and CIA  partner in a spy program outside NY. Using terrorism as the reason to spy on people who are not suspects, they operate in ways that the CIA is restricted from doing. The NYPD intelligence budget is $62 million. Source: MSNBC; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 23, 2011 – Czech government has introduced legislation requiring cell phone and internet companies to share information (including contacts and daily movements of customers) to military and civilian agencies. Source: Ceske Noviny; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 20, 2011 – Thin adhesive skin patch with electric transmitter can be used as the ultimate spy tool to monitor people without their even knowing it is on them. Source: YouTube; Found through: Unfiltered News

Aug 4, 2011 – White House releases document revealing intent to monitor the internet and social networking sites for ‘extremist propaganda’ and people who ‘feed on grievances’ and assign blame. Source: Prison Planet; Found through: Unfiltered News

Jul 30, 2011 – Small town tracks EVERY car with police cameras. Plates are checked in a central database for insurance, taxes, and criminal records. [The town always has had a low crime rate, so the purpose is not crime prevention.] Source: Daily Mail; Found through: Unfiltered News

Jul 30, 2011 – House panel approves a bill forcing ISP providers to retain customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, credit cards, and banking information for at least a year. [To fight pedophile activity, of course.] Source: Raw Story; Found through: Unfiltered News

Jun 20, 2011 – Texas Governor Rick Perry, responding to strong public pressure, has agreed to re-introduce the TSA anti-groping bill in a special session. Ten other states are considering similar legislation. Source: TAC; Found through: Unfiltered News

Jun 6, 2011 – “How I Learned the Truth about the State” is a moving story told by a man who was arrested in Georgia for …. well, read it for yourself. Source: Mises Institute; Found through: Unfiltered News


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