coral castle moon pondWhat makes this particular mystery all the more interesting is the fact that it’s quite modern, dating back less than 100 years ago. But also the fact that one small unassuming man,¬†Edward Leedskalnin, could singlehandedly (and secretively) erect this amazing monument in the heart of Florida simply boggles the mind. Never mind that he later moved the whole thing to a new location!

Even debunkers are having a hard time dismissing this, although they certainly tried – with accusations along the lines of “he had help” (in spite of there being no evidence of that whatsoever), and also in spite of the fact that numerous attempts have been made at recreating what Ed Leedskalnin has done, including with the use of modern machinery – and they have all failed miserably.

ed leedskalninHonest scientists admit that they’re unable to find a solution to this mystery other than what Leedskalnin himself has said: that he re-discovered the anti-gravity methods used by ancient Egyptians!

While the research into Coral Castle continues and lots of books, videos and internet posts are being added daily, the jury is still out on exactly HOW he did it.

The links within this article cover some of the more interesting research I have done into this over the years.


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