As the 11th anniversary of 9-11 is approaching, here are some more links to assorted websites, videos and articles on the subejct. I indend to organize all this as time permits… 🙂

Behind 9/11 : Whistleblowers Susan Lindhauer & Philip Marshall 02.11.2012

Retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson tells all (2003)

9/11 – Time For Truth 2 (2011)

Judge Napolitano Exposing 9-11 Cover-Up With Col. Anthony Shaffer

102 Minutes – The Attack on WTC, Part 1 – HD Version

2012 New 9/11 Evidence – The Demolition of the WTC Towers – what was used?

9/11 conspiracy – The 5th Estate, Reputable Canadian journalism show exposes Holes in official story

It’s a national canadian tv channel showing this, so it’s quite watered down but theres still some good bits there the 911 film has lots of good stuff about the saudis and bushes

911 Q&A

911 Q&A With Mark Dankof of and Taken from the second part of his excellent two part interview with Robert Sungenis regarding Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks. Based on Sungenis’ comprehensive two part review of the book “Solving 911” by Christopher Bollyn found at

Links to full interviews here:

Part One:

Part Two:

Robert Sungenis articles found at “Israel Did 911 – All The Proof In The World” by ZionCrimeFactory:

Watch the definitive documentary on 911 here: 911 – The Missing Links

911 – Israel’s Masterpiece:

Complete 911 timeline – Israel:

ok it’s good BUT too much “jewish” as opposed to “israeli” too much “anti porn” anti-gay anti-… and too holier-than-though christian this slant weakens their case. that – plus they’re quoting webster tarpley who i think is a bit of a dick however this bollyn site looks like a goldmine

9/11 Explosive Connections – The 9/11 Masterminds

David Ray Griffin 9 11 The Myth and The Reality Whitehouse Phone #202 456 1414

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory In Under 5 Minutes

9/11: Eliminate the Impossible

9/11 Anniversary: Ten Years of Lies


Italian Supreme Court head calls for international 9/11 inquiry

9/11 Explosive Evidence-Experts Speak Out-58min

911 Truth- Matrix of Evil-The U.S. Government is the EVIL not muslims!

David Ray Griffin says the TRUTH should be revealed about the U.S. Government and 911!

featuring daviod shayler and david griffin, an early talk 2004/5 on this subject, but very good indeed

9/11 Truth: the World’s Best Hope – The Ultimate Call for Unity in Diversity

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