abuse of power

William Pawelec Interview

This is an especially interesting interview with a scientist who requested that this pre-2001 video not be released until after his death (which happened in 2007). You’ll find something here for everyone. Chilling stuff and VERY credible.

Infowars Presents: Dr Nick Begich

This is quite plainly one of the best interviews by a science writer I’ve yet heard (also son of a congressman and brother of a senator). Dr Begich talks about everything from HAARP to mind control to politics to drastic erosion of our liberties. MUST SEE.

Martial Law by Executive Order


How much has the federal government actually grown over the past 10 years? And where is this headed? This short video is a loud wake-up call.

CCHR Human Rights Awardee:Maryanne Godboldo

The Truth about Public Servants: A presentation by Reason Foundation’s Adrian Moore

Gerald Celente: The Empire is Collapsing

Jesse Ventura on FEMA


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