Two questions really. Is Tourettes a “real” disease, and regardless of that how do you get rid of it?

Our answer:

Nervous tics which sometimes seem to never stop, occasionally escalating to violent spasms are not only a cause of great suffering to those afflicted by the Tourette syndrome – they’re often almost equally as trying for those around them, most especially the families. This irritation is the cause of frequent accusations that TS is somehow a “put on” condition and that the patient should “just stop it”.

  1. The mainstream medical and pharmacological view is that this condition can not be successfully cured and that only specific drugs can be used to alleviate – but not remove – the symptoms. There have also been cases of successful brain surgeries, and even more failed ones. The mainstream view also almost uniformly rejects psychological factors as the causes of the Tourette Syndrome.
  2. The typical development of this condition is that it strikes during an early age, peaks in the teens, and gradually subsides – albeit never completely. People with Tourette’s are basically doomed to learn to live with it.
  3. A very interesting case study at (see references below) proposes an alternative view, where TS may be looked at as a bio-electrical disorder, and proposes mental exercises to control it. While this is a completely marginal view at this time, I personally believe it’s the most likely CORRECT answer!

Basing on the research I’ve done, it does NOT seem that Tourette’s is entirely curable – but – it most definitely seems to be fully manageable using NATURAL techniques only.

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