Is it true that secret elites rule over us all – including our governments?

Our answer:

The idea of there being a “shadow government”, a behind-the-scenes elite which puppeteers the “official” government is usually met with derision and scorn from not just the mainstream media and commentators, but also from ordinary people. The notion implies a cartoonish backroom somewhere, filled with plotting evil-doers, dictating policy to our elected officials. A wholesale acceptance of this notion is about as rational, however, as its wholesale rejection.

  1. If someone helps you get a job, will you remain grateful to him afterwards? Or will you cross him? Particularly if you know full well that he can get you fired as easily as he got you hired?
  2. If you work in an institution for many years, know all of its ins and outs, have all the vital relationships within its power structures – how cooperative will you be with the new boss whose position is rotated every few years? That will depend on a lot of factors, of course, but you KNOW that in any bureaucracy, it’s the MIDDLE management and clerks who get things done. Or not.
  3. If you help someone get a very important job – on ANY level of a particular organization – would you make sure that your interests are fully served by not merely helping him, but also others to provide him with support on multiple levels?

While I totally reject the cartoon-like idea of a unified, hidden clique or a secret society which pulls all the strings – I’m equally convinced that multiple forces (including any such “secret societies”, if you like), banks, corporations, the military, intelligence, unions, and even mid-level employees ALL want control of the government and they vie for that control daily. The currently-most-powerful factions may win the day, but the net result is always the outcome of all these forces working together – or against one another. Among all these players, there are also the “super high-ups” whose influence, opinions and agendas dominate. They may or may not the working in concert with each other – but that’s irrelevant. For all intents and purposes, they ARE the shadow government – or whatever you decide to call them. So, the answer to this question is an unequivocal YES.

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