Lots of people say that alternative cures exist for cancer and other illnesses. But the mainstream calls them quacks and idiots. Who’s right?

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You can be sure of one thing: whenever a cancer cure is even hinted at, an army of debunkers is ready and waiting to write hit pieces, produce smear campaigns and spread ridicule everywhere. Often, this happens almost immediately after any such announcement, causing one to wonder just how much time did these defenders of our health and sanity have to research the matter before going to press with denials. Anyone who proposes even a POSSIBILITY that a natural cure might exist is immediately branded a quack. Even mainstream breakthroughs which are in any way divergent from “standard” are equally (and perhaps even more aggressively) attacked. The attack is so well-coordinated and vicious, including even taking down huge alternative medicine information sites, that one can’t help but wonder: if they’re all quacks, why bother? Why hound them SO aggressively? I am NOT saying that all alternative therapies are good. But there is no doubt that the cancer industry is protecting its turf and they’re taking no prisoners.

  1. There is NO reason why a natural treatment can’t be effective against almost ANY kind disease. For example, scurvy was cured naturally using vitamin-C-rich vegetables and fruits. And yet the official pharmacological/medical stance is almost uncompromisingly anti-nutrition-based therapies and anti-non-chemical treatments. One of the reasons for this debunking is the inability to patent natural products.
  2. Clinical trials cost enormous amounts of money, and each involves a mountain of red tape. Only the super-rich pharma giants can afford them. Additionally, the protocols for these tests aren’t always fixed – in spite of what you might hear. Were you to subject natural substances to those tests, you’ll find the bar raised, double-blinds manipulated, procedures altered. This has been tried many times and if positive results emerge even in spite of these hurdles, tests are routinely invalidated and recalibrated – until a negative result is reached. At which point the alternative treatment is declared an abject failure.
  3. Evidence of alternative cures – no matter how numerous – is referred to as “anecdotal” and not scientific. In other words, if you can demonstrate an ability to cure thousands of cases, the official medical science will NOT acknowledge this because your testing protocols were not scientifically valid. Even if you took utmost care to ensure they were. Hundreds of scientists and doctors have indeed documented these “anectodal” cases of supposedly “spontaneous” remissions, only to have them dismissed out of hand by the FDA, AMA and other powers that be.

I’m aware that by posting this answer, I too will immediately be branded as a quack and charlatan or a conspiracy theorist. That’s OK. I don’t recommend anything other than inviting you to investigate for yourself – and make your own mind up. The answer to the above question is: YES, there are many cures for cancer. Not all cures work on all types of cancer, to be sure. But some well-documented and proven solutions definitely exist.

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