I heard Richard Hoagland talk about this. Makes some sense. But… could it really be?

Our answer:

A trick of light and shadow or a real artifact? The available photographic evidence – both the one clearly showing a face and the later one clearly showing… not much – is interesting not merely because of the main object in these photographs, but also because of the surrounding objects, symmetries, alignments, etc.

  1. The amount of serious, scientific (though “alternative”) research done on this topic is matched only by the equal amount of denials, derision and debunking by official as well as other sources. All quite credible. Deciding whether this is a real artifact isn’t merely a question of measuring and microscopic study – it’s also a bigger question of testing our beliefs in our origins and history, as well as life in the universe in general. This strong bias will taint all opinions on this subject, both for and against, so we need to keep that in mind and try our best to keep a balanced view and stick to rigorous logical and scientific principles when pondering the subject.
  2. The existence of the “face” appears to be corroborated by the existence of other artifacts, as well as easily testable measurements, alignments, angles and inter-relationships between all these objects. Could ALL of them be mere tricks of light and shadow?
  3. But accepting the “pro-face” faction’s view perforce means rejecting the official sources – and what follows is an accusation of cover-up, fudging the evidence, dishonesty, hidden agendas, etc – a classic conspiracy. While I too love conspiracies, I tend to be very critical before I embrace them in earnest. Can you really accuse NASA and all these scientists of deliberately misleading the public? Do their dismissive counter-arguments hold water?

Having studied this topic for a great many years, evaluating the evidence, considering the standing of all the parties involved – on both sides of the issue – I must admit that the “face conspiracy” has a few valid points, not all of which can be easily dismissed with any degree of scientific objectivity. This said, the official side also has strong and very rational arguments. All told, then, I currently fall in the middle – with a tiny vote in favor of… the “alternative” faction. So, it’s a MAYBE YES – with about 51% certainty.

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