european unionWhat an outrageous notion! Of course it’s a democracy, I hear nearly everyone say – while they groan under the (ever-growing) ton of regulations, government intrusion and – national debt they never incurred.

If you’re not particularly politically involved, just keep your nose to the grind-stone and obediently watch the mainstream media (MSM), you would be partly excused for thinking that the European Union is indeed a democratic entity, based on universal ideals of cooperation between nations. Who wouldn’t like that? I’m certainly all for it.


There is a slight difference between the “ideal” and the “practice.” In practice, the E.U. is controlled with an iron fist by a small group of indirectly elected (i.e. “unelected”) officials who impose their vision of how Europe should work on all their member states, effectively reducing the member governments to nothing more than rubber stamps for their arbitrary policies, backed by only very dubious “multilateral” agreements and the supposed “common good.”

I started out like most people I know – strongly in favor of the European Union. But today, with the Euro crumbling, national debts of member states so huge that they can only be explained by rampant theft and mismanagement, Nanny State regulations which George Orwell would have been shocked by, it’s time for second thoughts. And pray we’re not too late.

These second thoughts are not limited to the E.U.. The USA – and the rest of the “Western” world are all going down the same path as if following the exact same perverted script, under the auspices of the United Nations. Anyone who takes the time to look beyond the headlines must come to the same conclusion: our democracy is being stolen from us, we’re being robbed blind and, to add insult to injury, increasingly criminalized by legislation which is piled on to us on a daily basis, regulating increasingly more and more of everything we are allowed to do.

Time to put a stop to this, and keep the profiteering bureaucrats in check.

Here are some interesting clips of very eloquent and powerful opposing views, to get you started on the path to independent thinking:

UKIP’s Nigel Farage “How dare you tell the Italian and Greek people what to do”

Nigel Farage: “I Want You All Fired!”

Judge Anthony Napolitano and Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage: “Titanic on the way to economic disaster”

Nigel Farage audits the European Commission

Farage touches a few nerves…

Another Farage classic – probably the best of them all:

Is Nigel Farage “too abbrasive?” Is he “rude?” Is he, perhaps, too “one-sided?”

Perhaps. But you can’t help but agree that the points he makes are VALID, even if they are made with emphatic force. And you can’t help but agree that it’s this very emphasis which helps drive the point. His message is not dressed up in niceties, but it’s direct and powerful. His opposition’s message is “polite” and “measured” – but it’s also ruthless and uncompromising. Which one would you rather listen to then?

Feb 15, 2012 – MEP David Hannan on Freedom Watch

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