A lot of people talk about RT (RussiaToday news network) as one of the best news sources today. But are they really? Aren’t they just propagandists like all the rest of them?

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A steadily growing number of people see the Russian news network RT (RussiaToday) as the most authoritative amongst the mainstream media. Some even compare it to the Voice of America or Radio Free Europe back from the Iron Curtain days – only in reverse: Now it’s the Russians beaming “the truth” back to the West and not the other way around. So what is the real story?

  1. There is no question that RT gives its viewers insights into US and other Western stories which is quite different to what the US and UK-based  media do. Their stories and reporting have an “air” of objectivity which feels refreshing. RT is also known for showing two opposing sides of the story on air, giving equal time to factions you almost never see on CNN or even Fox – and not even on BBC. This basic difference is what has won RT so many converts.
  2. Many of RT’s stories are definitely deeper and better than what their Western counterparts present. It’s similar to Al Jazeera in that regard. But the similarity doesn’t end there. RT is ALSO stated-owned and it’s hardly surprising that it doesn’t bite the hand that feeds it. In fact, if you follow RT carefully, you will almost NEVER see any programs which are even mildly critical of Russia’s own power structures. And this casts a shadow on the objectivity of its reporting… just when you thought you finally found an “objective” news medium.
  3. While RT does SEEM to “try” to maintain a “balanced” reporting style, the vast majority of their stories have a highly critical edge to them – critical of the US and the West in general. There’s no escaping that.

In summary, RT is a good COMPLIMENTARY source for any research and news, but it shouldn’t be the only one. In fact, as far as ALL mainstream media go – be especially discerning and critical. There is ALWAYS an agenda, and it always serves the power structures that support the given medium. Selected online news sources are often superior – but finding truly “balanced” news sources is difficult.

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