ron paulIf you need only one argument to make you see the US Presidential Candidate Ron Paul in a different light, consider this: not only is he ruthlessly blacked out from all mainstream media in the US – and elsewhere – but there is a clear and concerted effort to not just marginalize him and understate his importance, but also to counterfeit the voting results, resorting to outright fraud by the mainstream media! Consider this article in the Examiner where the author presents compelling evidence that the Iowa results were faked!

This should give you a good idea of just how threatening Ron Paul really is to the establishment. And not just the US establishment but, generally, to all corpocratic governments around the world. After all, his non-interventionist policies, his good old-fashioned values of individual freedom and less government, his sound fiscal policies of not spending more than you have – while completely logical and embraced by the vast majority of people irrespective of their political leanings – strike a direct blow at what the elites hold sacred: population control, insane over-regulation, unlimited spending and unlimited war for profit.

Electing Ron Paul is not only in the best interest of the US. It would serve the world and humanity as a whole. Not that this one decent and honest man could ever hope to change the world for the better, singlehandedly. He would be tripped up and opposed at every turn, no doubt. And not that you would have to agree with all his political views either. But Ron Paul brings an openness and honesty to the political debate not seen on the world stage since Thomas Jefferson and he – along with others of his ilk and integrity – are the only politicians who can be counted on to represent the people best. Remember, he represents individual freedom – and does not want to sacrifice YOU for the “good of all”. And that’s where the colossal difference lies.

Did you ever see crowds as enthusiastic as this…?

And just look at how brazenly biased the media is!:

Ron Paul crashes Twitter, yet the MSM won’t admit he’s the winner

And consider this as well “Fox News says Ron Paul is the biggest threat to Barack Obama. Not Mitt Romney”

“Ron Paul is the Best for Defense

And, a ray of hope here: “Ron Paul’s Secret Weapon: Blue Republicans

A very nice resource here as well:

Ron Paul on CNBC 4/23/12


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