What’s wrong with having a national health insurance? Why do Obama-bashers oppose this healthcare plan?

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“Free healthcare” or “affordable health care” sounds really good, doesn’t it? We’ve all heard of the wonders of socialized medicine in many Western countries, and we’d all like to have some of that too. And yet… some of us disagree. How come? Isn’t it the government’s duty to take care of us and provide us with all the support we deserve? And what’s so wrong with making health care AFFORDABLE? After all, “Obamacare” is really all about patient protection and it’s the “Affordable Care Act” – so, what’s not to like about that? Thing is, whether you agree with it or not – you’ve got it now.

  1. A key issue to determine is who benefits the most. Is it, as they say, the ordinary citizen who gets to receive high quality care from cradle to grave? Or is it, perhaps some third party? While there appear to be relatively narrowly defined groups of people who will indeed benefit from Obamacare, it is also an already established fact that the vast majority of people will wind up paying much more for their health care. In some cases up to as much as 1000% more, though in most cases only about double. So much for the “Free” or even the “Affordable” part. It appears that the main beneficiaries are the corporations who helped write that law.
  2. Perhaps an even bigger issue is one of consent and individual rights. In a free society, it would be okay for one group (e.g. the Government) to offer something to everyone – like Obamacare. But it would not be okay for them to FORCE everyone to take it. Particularly if as a result of this force, some people actually wind up being fleeced and others wind up getting a wonderful windfall.
  3. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The broad concepts of “affordable” or “health care” may sound appealing and most certainly make for great sound-bites – but as we have already seen, from conceptual detail to physical implementation, Obamacare is proving itself to be yet another parasitic government initiative with multiple side-effects, including further reductions of your freedoms, new taxes and fines and tons of small-print laws no one will know about – until they break them.

Since I’m always for voluntary and free interactions between people, and against any coercion as well as for sound economic principles – as much as I’d love to be able to have this utopian world where everyone’s taken care of – “for free”, or “affordably” – I can’t say that Obamacare delivers on almost any point! My answer is thus MOSTLY NO – with about 75% BAD and perhaps 25% good – and that’s being generous.

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