I find Haramein fascinating and engaging but mainstream treats him like a quack. Which is it then?

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If you’ve never heard Nassim Haramein speak, stop everything now and look up one of his lectures on YouTube. If you’re NOT a professional physicist, I challenge you not to be enthralled!

If you ARE a physicist – you’ll fall into one of two categories: (1) you’ll laugh him off as a fraud and a quack, you’ll remind everyone that he’s SELF-TAUGHT and therefore non-credible, you’ll point out the one or two things he said that are provably inaccurate, and you’ll recommend to everyone that they never ever listen to all that nonsense – ever – again. Or (2) you will be stunned by how profound his insights are and you’ll support him! (You might lose your job at your university, but you’ll take the chance).

Currently, the majority of physicists are in the first category, as far as “the Nassim Haramein problem” is concerned. But… there’s a slowly growing contingent of respected scientists who don’t merely support his views, his equations and his revolutionary theories – they also think he’s Nobel-prize material! (At this point in your reading, if you’re a physicist of the first category, you may be excused to go throw up somewhere!)

It’s amazing to me just how polarizing Nassim has been. He is clearly a genius. Even those who despise him rarely deny that. But… he’s self-taught. And he’s said some things which are wrong. He’s got no formal scientific credentials. And on top of that he’s an iconoclast and he believes in all those crazy alternative archeological theories! That alone must mean he’s a quack. And – the worst of all – he TALKS using colloquialisms and plain-speak. That’s it. He’s OUT!

  1. 1. The hundreds of formally-educated physicists who DO endorse him… are they all quacks too? Are they risking their careers by expressing admiration for him? Sadly, many suffer insults and worse from their professional colleagues.
  2. 2. But, if Haramein has done ANYTHING right – he’s made physics accessible to the ordinary person. He’s managed to make extremely complex notions appear simple and logical, with his audiences oohing and aahing each time they GET IT.
  3. His ideas about our universe are echoed by the cutting edge of mainstream physics. The only difference is that when “qualified” physics professors say the same thing – it’s perfectly acceptable. But when Nassim says it – it’s bunk!

Even though I originally majored in physics, I dropped out before completing it so I don’t have enough technical knowledge to either accept or reject his theories on professional grounds. But I do have the capacity to think critically and logically, and most of his ideas strike me as fundamentally correct (even if SOME are a bit shaky). Rejecting “all” of Nassim on the grounds that “some” of his fundamentals may be flawed would, however, be like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. In forming my opinion about him, I seek out other (credentialled) physicists whose opinions I respect. And basing on those, my initial thoughts are amply confirmed. Nassim Haramein is almost certainly NOT a fraud! He may be wrong on some issues, but also spectacularly right about others (so was Einstein, on both counts). But you won’t know about it until a generation or two later!

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