Global warming, climate change… The media says there is scientific consensus, but some people say there isn’t. Who’s right?

Our answer:

About 30-40 years ago the world’s media was hitting fever pitch about global cooling. We were headed for another ice age. A few years ago, the opposite hysteria started. We’re gonna fry – it’s global warming time. Then, since that too didn’t quite pass the BS test, it’s “climate change.” But not merely climate change: it’s “anthropogenic climate change”. In other words, WE are to blame and WE (the little people) must pay the cost. Okay. That’s my rant. No serious researcher or scientist on EITHER side of the debate denies that climate change IS happening. It’s ALWAYS happening, sometimes more rapidly, sometimes less. The debate is whether (a) WE are causing it, (b) what to do about it, and (c) how much are we influencing the warming – if at all.

  1. 1. The very name – IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) – should make you stop and think. It’s not “International Scientific Panel”. It’s “intergovernmental”. Politicians. Politicians co-opting science to their needs. They talk about “scientific consensus”, which is non-existent. They have 4000 signatures FOR anthropogenic causes, but IGNORE the over 30,000 signatures filed AGAINST. Their “scientific consensus” is made up primarily of STUDENTS, and only a relatively small number of climatologists. The majority “anti-consensus” is made up of almost exclusively climatologists. The “alternative” group’s PhD’s and professors outnumber the “consensus” group by a factor of ten. Bet you didn’t know that!
  2. 2. The “alternative” group AGREES that the climate IS changing. They don’t even particularly quibble with the possibility of a warming (though they disagree with “how much”, “how fast” as well as “how good or bad” that might be for us). They also don’t disagree about the need to address problems of pollution. And they also don’t disagree that CO2 is a greenhouse gas which DOES contribute a wee bit to global warming. But – they point out that human-caused CO2 only makes up a part of the mere 1.5% of CO2 among all the other greenhouse gases (chief among them, water vapor!), and that its contribution to climate change is minuscule – likely to result in less than 1 degree of warming over 100 years (which they have had multiple occasions to PROVE after prediction after prediction of the “consensus” group failed to come true). They completely disagree, however, that stopping or reducing our production of CO2 will have any positive effect on climate change which, in their view, is caused by OTHER factors (like: the SUN!).
  3. 3. Any objective analyst with even the barest minimum of scientific preparation can easily spot the problems with the “official story”. Even easier to see through is the AGENDA which is driving the climate change hysteria. The agenda is to raise money – through carbon taxes and a multitude of other taxes, fees, levies – all of which will result in massive de-industrialization of our entire civilization, if followed through.

Shortly after Al Gore predicted tens of feet of rise of water levels within a few short years, he went ahead and bough himself a beach-front property. Nobody even blinked. The man-made climate change propaganda is so extremely pervasive today that even some very respectable and otherwise reliable scientists simply don’t dare to officially disagree. And it’s a disgrace! YES, climate change is real. YES, we’re contributing a TINY fraction to possible warming. But NO, the climate change is NOT man-made and it does NOT need political action to stop it.

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