Did we lose a super advanced technology in the ancient past? Or did the aliens help us build these things? Or did we really build them using manpower and copper chisels?

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This question has puzzled scientists and researchers for millenia. And it persists to this day, even though a number of scientists and researchers claim that they’re SURE they already “know exactly” how the pyramids were constructed (and this broadly includes ALL megalithic structures around the world) – even though they can’t actually PROVE it! A minor detail.

The predominant mainstream archeological theory goes something like this: the ancients had primitive copper tools only and no technological resources to speak of – but the one thing they had lots of was slave labor and good task-masters. And thus the pyramids were built. They were built as monuments to the even-more-monumental egos of the then-ruling Pharaohs, and were meant to serve as their tombs – and nothing else but tombs. This IS the ACCEPTED mainstream view. Turn on the History Channel for more proof of that!

The mainstream view categorically rejects the possibility of there being an older, more advanced civilization which could have built these structures, because there is “no evidence” for it. And what evidence MIGHT be shown for it is dismissed as much younger and therefore “fitting” in the accepted paradigm. Additionally, accepting a grand civilization before all the known ones flies in the face of the Darwinistic “linear progression” axioms.

Meanwhile, “alternative” archeologists, some “amateur”, others “professional-but-strayed”, fall into two broad camps. (1) they try to come up with alternative methods of construction using technologies ACCEPTED to be around at that time, and (2) they don’t try to solve the construction methods using primitive tools, but instead propose a much higher technological development. And here they too break into at least two camps, where one camp proposes ancient but totally obliterated high civilizations, while the other posits helpful space aliens.

While most people normally automatically resonate with the “official” version of our ancient history, when confronted with actual evidence, many begin to understand the nature of the “alternative” objections. For one thing, ALL attempts to re-create the Pyramids using the accepted ancient technologies have failed miserably – even with mere 1/10th models!

The posited 100,000 workmen theory, laboring flat-out for 20 years (the ACCEPTED mainstream view), ignores the fact that the Nile flooding made work for 3/4th of the year IMPOSSIBLE, as well as the fact that while some of the heavier blocks, while theoretically possible to budge by hundreds of people over straight lines on rollers (rollers made of wood – and there’s no timber of that description for hundreds of miles around!) can not explain how you can cram hundreds of people into spaces that can at best accommodate only a dozen!

Ramps, both external (at gentle slopes) and internal (spiraling up on the inside) do not take into account the amount of material needed (or its hardness, and slope angles) to drag such huge stones on them – ignoring the simple mathematical fact that these ramps would have to be BIGGER than the pyramids themselves in order to work.

And none of these theories explain the mind-numbing ACCURACY of the Pyramid alignments (especially the Great Pyramid) which are so plentiful so as to defy the “coincidence” accusations by astronomical odds. Additionally, NO pyramid has EVER been found to contain even a fragment of a mummy…! And I’m only just scratching the surface of the counter-arguments.

In light of the mounting impossibilities and implausibilities of the mainstream theory, it’s small wonder that the “alternative” folks are rebelling. I also need to add that quite a number of “mainstream” archeologists also have second thoughts, but are quite simply afraid to voice them in a public forum. Those who do – lose their jobs and reputations!

A curious side-note at this point, which I won’t elaborate on in this answer, but you can post a separate question about it if you like: the Coral Castle. ONE guy built the whole thing without, apparently, any advanced tools. He moved and quarried blocks up to 30 tons in weight! “How” remains a mystery, but solving it might throw light on how the Pyramids were built, especially because Leedskalnin himself (the dude who built the Coral Castle) claimed that he simply “figured out how the ancients built the pyramids” – and… he appears to have proved it!

  1. The mathematical, stellar and geographical alignments as well as dimensions of the Great Pyramid in particular, but also the entire extended pyramid complex are so logical, numerous and so beyond coincidence that denying that they exist HAS TO be the result of closed-minded prejudice and not scientific objectivity.
  2. The accuracy of the Great Pyramid construction EXCEEDS the accuracy of virtually ALL of our high-tech buildings, not because we can’t achieve similar precision, but because the COST of doing so would blow any building project out of the sky. Even the Greenwich observatory is less perfectly aligned than the Great Pyramid!
  3. The immense WEIGHT of the stones, with the smallest being about 2.5 tons (two average cars) and the greatest over 70 tons (that’s just the Pyramids, I’m not even going to mention many other much greater megaliths which have been moved around, apparently with ease) makes it physically challenging to the extreme to not merely drag around over great distances (from the quarry to the site), but more importantly to position them with space-age accuracy! Also some of the stones (e.g. granite) had to be quarried hundreds of miles away and then shipped, drug-up dozens of meters and positioned with ultra precision! By unqualified slave labor…

I’m disregarding the facile and, frankly, inexplicably daft explanations of mainstream archeology. I can thus only conclude that the builders of the pyramids MUST HAVE had a MUCH higher technology than we give them credit for. I won’t even bother speculating exactly “how” they did it – but to my mind there is NO QUESTION that their technology must have included a means of manipulating immense weights precisely and with ease. Whatever technology that was – it really is the only way these things could have been built. And as for the PURPOSE of the pyramids – the “tombs” theory REALLY is discredited. Personally, I agree with C. Dunn who posits some kind of a power plant…

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