I heard there’s like a hundred thousand laws or more in existence. But how many are there exactly?

Our answer:

Too many laws – and you lose all respect for the law. Well, that’s definitely the situation we find ourselves in today. And things are only getting worse. New laws just keep coming, and you can be SURE that you ARE a criminal according to a great number of them!

1. You can make a very strong case that you only need two basic principles to derive ALL law from: the non-aggression principle and the inalienable human right to property.

2. The overwhelmingly vast number of laws serve only very narrow special interests. In fact most of them have been written by those very special interests they serve!

3. A monstrous number of laws is introduced by petty and vindictive control freaks. Those laws serve irrelevant agendas, but enslave us all.

A good estimate is: somewhere between 5,00,000 and 10,000,000 “laws” (including rules and regulations which can get you in trouble). Mind-boggling? Yes. But the trouble is… we’re still going along with it! It’s time this stopped. I recommend you read “Legislation intoxication” for a good explanation of this topic. (see notes below)

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