breathing tax

When you think about it, when you breathe out, you contribute Co-2 to the atmosphere! So, how long before they’ll wanna nail you for that?

Our answer:


As the need to fund the ever-growing government increases, more and more far-reaching taxation initiatives are being introduced DAILY. This is part of a vicious circle which tightens its noose around our political and social freedoms, with no end in sight. This situation is now GLOBAL.

Depending on your philosophy and views, taxation as such can be seen as inherently wrong and immoral – or socially and morally right. Many people can’t even imagine a world without taxes and hasten to defend and justify regulation and taxation policies, even when those are clearly self-serving, liberty-decreasing and immoral.

While I personally lean strongly against all forms of taxation, I do understand (though not endorse) arguments FOR taxation on the most basic level. Or, to put it differently, I’m all for VOLUNTARY contributions, but not the legally-sanctioned shakedowns they call “taxation.”

Contribution fees for commonly agreed necessities – okay. Heavy-handed and self-serving taxation – NOT okay.

The overwhelming majority of taxation doesn’t fulfill the role of helping our society function better nor does it introduce more fairness or stimulate the economy. Quite the contrary. Taxation is a tool of increasingly oppressive governments, and no matter where you stand on the “is taxation right/needed” issue – you MUST be able to distinguish between taxation which is at least potentially beneficial to the society and one which is clearly detrimental.

Taxation always goes hand in hand with regulation. More laws and more taxes are bound together in a closed spiral. Because the government needs money to fund its non-productive activities only a fraction of which may, arguably, be societally beneficial – they will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to raise the money they need. They don’t always call it “taxes” of course. You’re thus paying “fees”, “levies”, “tariffs”, “fines”, “penalties”, “dues” – and so on ad infinitum – and I won’t even mention “inflation” which is the most underhanded form of DELIBERATE taxation.

  1. Among the things that get taxed are… Rain – in Maryland you pay a storm management fee”; Internet Audio Sales – in Minnesota, there’s a 6.875% tax on that; Bullying – you pay $114 for each instance of alleged or real bullying in Texas (government bullying is excluded, of course); Road rage – is all the rage in Florida and you get to pay $60 for the pleasure, if you choose to indulge in it; Drugs – naturally, the “illegal” kind only and what is legal is ever more narrowly defined; Prize tax – yep, whenever you win a prize, even the Nobel Prize, you get to pay…! No need to go on further. There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of taxes on the books. And the list is growing, because YOU are okay with that.
  2. History is full of ridiculous taxes. There used to be a beard tax in the US; Disagreeing-with-the-King tax in England; “Existence Tax” – also in 14th Century England; Foreigner Tax in China (which lasted until early 20th Century!); The Salt Tax (infamously levied against India by their colonial masters, Great Britain); Urine Tax (in ancient Rome); Soap and Cleanliness Tax (England, France, middle ages); Wigs and hats (England); Fat (increasingly everywhere, typically disguised as something else); again, the examples are endless, so I’ll stop here.
  3. Each year more and more RIDICULOUS things get taxed. Bagels (New York); Vending Machine Fruit (California); Candy (Illinois); Cigarettes (everywhere, but at different levels); Licences (for EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE); Sunlight gathering tax! (Spain); Christmas Tree tax (US, thank Obama for that); Sin Tax (a.k.a. the Excise Tax, US); Inheritance taxes; Import tarriffs; Envy tax; and the list goes on…

And what happens to all that money that your government collects from you against your will and through unrestrained force? A HUGE, MASSIVE portion of it is… WASTED. See the notes further below, and that’s just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. From helping Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly to lavish office parties at the IRS – the list is miles long and I won’t go into it here.

The original question was – will they tax breathing? OF COURSE THEY WILL.

One of the reasons why the Global Warming, erm… Climate Change hysteria is so prevalent is BECAUSE they NEED to tax us much more. When you breathe, you produce CO2 which is blamed for the greenhouse effect not because there is convincing evidence that 1.5% of all the greenhouse gasses can possibly be responsible for 100% of the warming, but because there is NO OTHER “rational” way to tax your breathing!

Today, the justice system in the US is NOT ALLOWED to question IRS taxes! So next time you feel like shouting “no taxation without representation”, just remember that you’ll be needing your BREATH to shout that!

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