Lots of conflicting info out there about this. Doctors insist on meds but I have doubts. Any insights into this around here?

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As with anything related to psychology and psychiatry, you’ll find there are at least two opposing camps here. Those who insist that panic attacks – and any other psychological conditions – are chemical anomalies and otherwise mechanical malfunctions; and on the other side are those who insist that they are behavioral, i.e. purely psychological conditions. Both sides have their “proofs”, but the “chemical” side represents a trillion dollar business, while the “psychological” side is marginalized. As for the “proofs” – all “natural” case studies are routinely trivialized and written off as “anectodal evidence”, i.e. you CAN’T HAVE a proof of eficacy of a natural treatment. OK, I know I was ranting a little bit. In fact, things ARE changing a little bit today. Even psychiatry is slowly beginning to come to terms with the fact that hypnotherapy for conditions such as panic attack just might work in some cases.

  1. Panic/anxiety attacks are so physically “real” and have real physical and chemical manifestations, that it really is no wonder that the mainstream view still favors the pharmacological route to treating them. This said, any chemical treatments can only ever address the symptoms and not the causes. If you can isolate the cause, then you can treat it – with whichever method works the best, starting with the least invasive one.
  2. The amount of evidence that hypnotherapy WORKS for panic attacks is so overwhelming that this is the predominant reason why, at long last, the mainstream is slowly and reluctantly beginning to embrace it.
  3. The most successful type of hypnotherapy used for treating panic attacks is sometimes referred to as “root cause hypnotherapy”, where the job of the therapist is to help the patient to access his or her subconscious memories of a “trigger event”. And hypnosis, coupled with careful guidance, seems to succeed very well in unearthing these “root causes. Resultantly, panic attacks simply disappear – in isolated cases after just a single session.”

The answer to this question is a decisive YES. Perhaps not in “all” the cases, but in the vast majority of cases studied root cause hypnotherapy boasts fantastic results. One of the originators of this method, Dr Frank Stahl, claims an over 98% success rate with this method over an average 2 month treatment period.

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