Can a huge humanoid like that have a realistic chance of survival without being provably documented? Or is this just bunk?

Our answer:

Cryptozoology is fascinating. And we have no doubt that “Bigfoot” – or any other mysterious animal of this kind, humanoid or otherwise – is just one of many examples of species we are yet to uncover. But the real question here is whether a human-like, upright creature that has allegedly been seen by thousands of people actually exists, or if it is just another piece of sensationalist folklore.

  1. Much of the evidence we’ve studied is inconclusive. But we have seen some research which is scientifically sound and, in my view, non-controversial.
  2. The very notion of a large primate which somehow could have eluded our scrutiny for all these years seems to be unlikely at first glance, until you realize where the majority of sightings come from: vast – enormous – unexplored (or poorly explored), inaccessible forests, mountains or jungles. It’s enough to have a look at a map to understand that we simply don’t know MOST of what’s in there. So… why not a big humanoid?
  3. The quality of witnesses and researchers in this field is actually quite good. While the popular press and media tend to focus on semi-educated hicks or some otherwise “suspect” amateurs claiming to have seen the thing, there are literally hundreds of world-class experts who lend real credence to this topic.

I’m largely in favor of Bigfoot being real rather than imagined! So, I’ll answer YES with a 90% certainty.

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