You hear this constantly now. Whatever you want to know, you can’t, because it’s classified. Where do you draw the line?

Our answer:

Secrecy in some matters is of critical importance. No sane person would deny that. But those matters are few and far between. So why is almost everything the government does these days “secret?” And why is there such a vicious war being conducted by the Obama administration on those who would expose these secrets?

Being secretive about a military strategy or an invention – that’s one thing. But public policy? Justice? That’s the kind of thing that MUST be out in the open. But it isn’t. Consider this, for example. A provision in the Patriot Act allows a law officer to serve you with a self-written warrant which you are secrecy-bound not to show to ANYONE. And that includes your lawyer too! And this is just one small example of the kind of insantity that passes as law these days.

Secrecy is routinely used as the EXCUSE to cover things up. And the standard explanation is that revealing this secret – WHATEVER it is – would… help the terrorists. THIS is how stupid they think we are! But the opposite is true, if you think about it. Secrecy HELPS the terrorists. The terrorists are already prepared. They already know most “secrets”. So the only one suffering from not knowing is the public. Additionally, the very policy of secrecy right across the board is DESTRUCTIVE to the civil society and promotes lack of any accountability by the elected officials. And, boy, do they KNOW that!

  1. If the “terrorist agenda” is to… terrorize the population, then government secrecy plays straight into their hands and AIDS them in their mission. Since you’re not allowed to know anything – you’re naturally more scared – and, additionally, you’re also more distrustful of your government.
  2. Government routinely refuses financial audits of its various departments (the European Union hasn’t had an audit for a dozen years, for example, the US “black projects” are untouchable to the accountants, etc), and when questioned why not, you get the standard “national security” excuse. And then you wonder why virtually ALL the top politicians, certainly in the US, are multi-millionaries. Most weren’t when they started out. Dare to ask about that – sorry, national security is at stake, so you aren’t allowed to know.
  3. You don’t have to be particularly cynical to envision nefarious scenarios here. You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to imagine that secrecy in the name of “national security” is simply a racket, a cover-up – a way to shield common thieves who pose as respectable representatives of YOUR interests.

And you can see the lies they spin mount higher and higher. They’re approaching a point where “secrecy” or “national security” will no longer wash – not even with the gullible public. In their last-ditch desperate attempt to shield themselves from accountability, Obama has sanctioned an UNPRECENDENTED war on whistleblowers, violating not merely laws and statutes protecting them, but also ordinary decency, not to mention morality. Virtually all the current problems, from monetary policies to wars to social policies, could be solved almost instantaneously if the veil of unjustified secrecy was lifted. Sure, heads would roll. But they would be heads of opportunists and criminals who DESERVE to be punished. Sure, there would be a lot of confusion, as higher and higher-ups are exposed. It could even result in public turmoil. THAT’s the “national security” concern these thieves are most worried about. I’ll leave you with just one thought: if, as Samuel Johnson said, patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels – secrecy is the first.

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