So what gives about aliens? Are they for real?

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This question is probably intended as “do extraterrestrial aliens visit the Earth” or something related to that. As stated, I see little reason to doubt that they do. Pure logic – and if you need it, also Drake’s Law – make it virtually impossible for extraterrestrial aliens NOT to exist. But whether they exist here on Earth, either today or some time in the past is another question.

  1. See my answer to “Are UFO’s real“.
  2. I have found no credible evidence to indicate that ET’s are indeed sharing this planet with us. It is very tempting to believe something like that, I understand – but I prefer to base my firm beliefs on evidence I can accept as valid.
  3. The anecdotal evidence presented by the various UFO enthusiasts can not be dismissed entirely, but neither can it be wholeheartedly embraced. I would not be completely surprised if some evidence were eventually found to prove their position, but as matters stand, it’s just not strong enough.

My answer to the original question is YES. But the IMPLIED question (that they’re here now or have been in the past) is a reasonably certain PROBABLY NOT. I do believe intelligent aliens exist “somewhere out there”. If sufficiently pushed, I might even accept that they have at some point visited our Solar System, and maybe even our Earth – but I don’t know of any sufficiently powerful evidence to *unequivocally* suggest they exist here on Earth. I’m happy to leave a 25% margin of error on this one. Oh, and naturally, we must not discount the very real possibility that these “UFO’s” are, in fact, ultra-secret EARTHLY military technologies and/or psy-ops.

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