Who controls whom? Is it fascism either way?

Our answer:

By Mussolini’s own definition, “fascism” is a merger of corporations and State. So, regardless of who controls whom, it ain’t good news. This said, corporations don’t have armies. Even the worst corporations don’t send SWAT teams to you if you step out of line. It is therefore the State which is the facilitator, starting with facilitating the corporations themselves. Corporations as we know them today couldn’t exist in a free market. Special privileges and indeed protectionist laws are rolled out by the State to shield and expand compliant corporations. And corporations return the favor by taking good care of their facilitators. Key government officials, from low levels on up to the very top of the heap are constantly greased – more or less directly – by corporations whose very existence and profitability depends not on the market forces but on the cooperation from the beholden State.

  1. Government doesn’t produce anything. It needs profit-motivated private businesses to provide everything from growing food to building weapons. But government contracts are insanely lucrative, so price bidding is out of the question. Cronies work together – government hand in hand with pals from the private sector – and resultantly over 90% of all government contracts are NO BID.
  2. Corporate lobbyists don’t need to “bribe” government officials in an obvious way. It’s often enough to assure them that a 7-figure consulting job is awaiting them once they finish their stint with the State. Or a fun and never-ending lecture tour. Or perhaps a friendly investment manager to help the busy official with his private asset management.
  3. It’s been suggested that more than 90% of ALL LAWS, regulations, rules and bills are written by corporate lobbyists, and then handed to the politicians who diligently try and pass them into law – or bury them in secret provisions within other bills. See my commentary to the “How Many Laws Are There” post on Simplify123 to get the bigger picture.

To answer the question posed, the control is mutual. The government is the active partner, the corporations (i.e. the top honchos with the most power) are the silent partner. Ultimately, you can’t “blame” the corporations. They’re only doing what they have to do: try to protect their bottom line. Sure, some over-reach and also want active controls over the government, but, really, it’s just an uncomplicated profit-seeking that drives them and all their machinations.

The real problem and the culprit is the government itself. And not necessarily any single individual or even a group of them. It’s the SYSTEM which is rotten. It’s a system which convinces all of its participants that individual citizen’s rights can be trampled and that private property is yours only at the whim of the State. It’s a system where money can be printed out of thin air without backing or any real accountability. It’s a system which hijacks the judiciary to do its bidding and which bought and sold the public media, to ensure that you’ll never know exactly what is going on. And you may ask why is “facism” needed for this unholy alliance? Simple really. There’s no easier way to control the masses than with a massive bureaucracy, a heavy fist and millions of regulations whose primary function is to make everyone afraid of The Law.

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