Aren’t chemtrails just contrails for the gullible?

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This is widely considered to be another nutty conspiracy theory. Stupid people who see too many contrails in the sky imagine that they are deliberate chemtrails full of toxic substances intended to kill them. Mainstream media and most commentators dismiss the chemtrail scares as ridiculous and unfounded. Recently, however, they have been proven spectacularly wrong and from multiple sources, including some governmental ones, as well as even some of the Snowden leaks. In spite of that, official denials – and ridicule – continue.

  1. Geoengineering is NOT a conspiracy. It’s well-documented and, occasionally, talked about in the mainstream media. A large contingent of scientists firmly believe that we must actively protect the Earth from sun flares (among other things), and by deploying specific chemicals and compounds in the air, we will slow down global warming. Even Snowden’s leaks confirm this. The issue is (a) they’re acting without widespread consensus (although they claim they have it), and (b) even though they supposedly have that consensus – they lie about it, deny it, and accuse people who observe it of being conspiracy nuts.
  2. While few people seriously deny the existence of chemtrails any more – except, perhaps, in the occasional media hit pieces – there is a wide difference of opinions as to what their purpose is, and “what else” might they be used for. Speculation ranges from weather manipulation to directed energy weapons. Some of the more outlandish claims feed the fires of conspiracy-bashers (which does NOT mean that they’re wrong, only that they “sound” a bit too out there).
  3. A multitude of private chemical analyses have been carried out by qualified researchers, and they revealed a consistent pattern in what most of these chemtrails are made up of – elements including barium and aluminum. Their findings have been confirmed in official, though not widely-publicized statements, which continue to be ignored by the mainstream media.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is YES. Not because I’m a conspiracy theorist, but because official statements and documents available for download online have confirmed it. The purpose appears to be protection against global warming, in itself a controversial issue – but the real problem remains the subterfuge and misinformation.

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