We’re losing the war on drugs, aren’t we? What can be done?

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If you wanted to create a case where social engineering, crony profiteering, wars, activism, criminals, moralists and politicians all come to a joint (pun intended) and happy climax, you’d have to come up with the War On Drugs.

Of the near-infinite number of wrong-headed government policies, few if any can compete for the Utter-Inanity-And-Maliciousness prize more successfully than this one.

The “War on Drugs” has consistently and successfully achieved the exact opposite of its stated objectives, over the years. So much so, that you really have to be very gullible not to ask the question: was THAT, perhaps, the objective all along?

Anti-drug policies of the US government started as early as 1914 and gradually picked up momentum, climaxing with the “War on Drugs” introduced by Nixon in 1971. As if the early failure of alcohol prohibition in 1919 wasn’t enough to show that such “wars” have deadly consequences and always erode personal freedoms of the population, while enriching the worst elements in the society (including some in government), no lessons have been learned from this and the WAR ON YOU has been alive and well ever since.

The War on Drugs has criminalized millions of innocent people, whose only wrong-doing was smoking some pot. The War on Drugs has made billionaires of some of the most unsavory characters you can imagine – on BOTH sides of the legal divide. And the War on Drugs has become the poster child for the socialist-inspired social engineers who insist on running your life and drowning you in never-ending laws and regulations.

  1. Just like the war on cigarettes or any other social engineering project – the War on Drugs ONLY serves the self-appointed guardians of morality, locked inside their own glass-houses as they are. Their moral indignation (feigned, or worse yet – real) makes for great fuel when it comes to supporing plainly WRONG policies. And not merely YOU, the supporter of these wars, are paying the price – your entire society is paying the price of your misguided moral indignation and lack of understanding of political and social issues.
  2. Big Business and special interests will always lobby FOR the War on Drugs. THEIR (immense) profits are at stake, after all. Their ability to manipulate the public and social policy would be seriously undermined. The fact that drugs are illegal drives their prices sky-high (and thus the profits) and NO drug trafficker would want to see those profits disappear. It’s those immense profits which lead to the “drug violence” you hear about on the news.
  3. As with anything, look at WHO BENEFITS from this policy. The drug users? Certainly not. The public? Uh-uh. The drug-lords, the drug companies, the bought-and-sold politicians – yes – they are the ONLY beneficiaries.

The War On Drugs has been fought for years now and the result is a permanent INCREASE in drug usage, violence and drug profits. Each year new anti-drug laws and initiatives are introduced – and each year the drug statistics continue to climb. Up to 90% of all prisoners are locked up on charges related to drugs in one way or another. The vast majority of them are NOT “criminals” when they go in. But many may well wind up as ones, after they come out.

The War on Drugs can NEVER be won. Why not? Firstly, it is not a “war.” Secondly, it is a policy based on the false assumption that people must be told how to live their lives. Thirdly, it criminalizes too many people either directly or indirectly, and can thus never get sufficient support from the vast majority of the people. Lastly, it’s an immoral policy, proposed by an amoral institution (government), using “morality” as the underlying argument with which to criminalize the majority of the population who have the superior and inalienable moral right to personal freedom!

I think almost all drugs – especially the official pharmacological ones! – are really bad for you. So if I wanted to insist on “helping you” with my anti-drug activism, there is only ONE way available to me: talk to you and try to convince you, and then leave you to your own devices. It’s YOUR life and YOUR health and YOUR decision.

The Drug War is WRONG on economic, legal and social grounds. It is time we stopped it cold.

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