are ufos real

I don’t know what to believe any more. UFOs sound so far out. Seems like a lot of boloney to me. But… could it be for real?

Our answer:

The term “UFO” is an abbreviation of “Unidentified Flying Object”. By strict definition, therefore, any flying object which is “unidentified” might be called a UFO. But the true colloquial meaning of UFO implies a craft of extraterrestrial origin, and thus the question has a more complicated answer.

  1. There is no officially acknowledged evidence or record of extraterrestrial UFOs either past or present. The existing testimonials to the contrary are subject to interpretation and do not constitute proof positive of the existence of such objects, although some are indeed very compelling. Available archeological, anthropological and other evidence also can not be used as proof positive of the existence of UFO’s.
  2. The number of “credible” witnesses, however, should not be easily dismissed. By “credible” I mean people with a proven track record with responsible or even scholarly histories. There are literally thousands of such scientists, military, professional and political luminaries who are adamant about the veracity of their sightings. Dismissing them ALL as cranks without solid evidence to the contrary would be unbalanced, prejudicial and “debunking” rather than “objectively critical”.
  3. But the available data can be interpreted in two ways. Either the witnesses have been deluded – in which case it’s most likely some secret military technology or operations – or they have indeed observed phenomena of an extraterrestrial nature – in which case, we may conclude that it’s only a matter of finding further tangible evidence.

My answer to this question is thus a guarded MAYBE but PROBABLY NOT. The evidence I have so far seen – even the most compelling kind such as that presented by the Disclosure Project as well as some of the other publications cited below – CAN be interpreted as evidence of secret military programs, rather than sighting of actual extraterrestrial craft. But – “can” doesn’t mean “must be” and so I’m happy to leave a generous 25% margin of error – almost wishing that it could be bigger. This said, I can also quite confidently state that if there haven’t been UFO’s on Earth in the past or in the present, it’s extremely likely that – eventually – there will be, since I have no doubt whatsoever that this vast universe is inhabited by other intelligent beings with the capacity of interstellar travel.

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