Is this just another wild-assed conspiracy for the dummies – or what?

Our answer:

Look at a grainy picture long enough – and you’ll see anything you want. Patterns will emerge. You’ll believe you’re seeing something which is not there. This is what the mainstream view is on this subject. Trouble is, however, that this kind of a facile dismissal doesn’t wash when you have world-class experts or photo-analysts look at the lunar images – and all agreeing that something is indeed odd there…

  1. There is voluminous photographic evidence that some geometric or geometrically aligned artifacts are indeed found on the moon – some on a massive scale. Only question is if they have an “artificial” origin.
  2. The proportions and alignments of these artifacts are also intriguing. The sheer numbers of these “coincidental” matches stretch the probability of them being natural objects well beyond what might be reasonably expected.
  3. Whistleblowers, leaks, garbled intercepted communications, FOIA requests, etc, all seem to confirm there’s more to the moon than what we’re officially told.

It’s a fabulous story. I would LOVE for it to be true. I see no LOGICAL reason why it shouldn’t be true. But the evidence I’ve so far seen – as strong as it is – is NOT unequivocal. In spite of everything it is still POSSIBLE to interpret these images as natural objects. This said, the fierceness of the mainstream line is telltale as well. The more aggressively they deny something, the more there usually is to it.

And it is for this very reason that I actually lean towards the REALITY of these “bases” – or intelligently designed objects. I’d say we’re looking at about 51% in favor of the artificiality hypothesis at this time! Remember that the strenuous arguments AGAINST are based primarily on an a priori assumption that there has been NO extra-terrestrial contact on Earth – ever. But the proof of this dogmatic assertion is not yet forthcoming. So, an open mind is recommended.

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