Both parties sound and act the same these days. Do they all work for the same people?

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You hear this all the time: “there’s no difference between the republicans and democrats anymore!” The same is true of most other Western countries where the opposition invariably does exactly the same as the incumbent party. The left-right paradigm seems to have broken down somewhere along the way (with the left – currently – winning). Does this mean they all just follow a herd mentality, or do they really believe in these policies – or are they all simply carrying out orders from some secretive shadowy elites?

  1. Read my post “Is There a Shadow Government”. It goes without saying that all elected officials and their parties are to one degree or another indebted to powerful special interests. Sometimes, those special interests play both sides.
  2. The general popular support for “social” policies (some would say “socialist”) has been growing steadily, with the democratic party currently representing a significant majority of the population. The populist slogans and not-always-sound economic principles that follow those slogans have so permeated the popular psyche that republicans – or any opposition, for that matter – have a hard time connecting with the electorate without, at least to some extent, echoing the same policies – even if they know them to be wrong or economically unsound.
  3. Both parties not only follow where the money is, but they also choose platforms and policies which make it easier for them to control their electorates. And one of the most powerful means of control is promising something everyone wants. If they believe you, you have better chances of being elected.

There are many differences between the positions taken by the two major US parties – but aside from the superficial and “easy” ones like pro/anti abortion, pro/anti guns and so on, you would be hard pressed to find any significant differences between their practical positions on the economy, war, welfare, healthcare – and so on. The political system EVERYWHERE is thoroughly corrupt and nothing short of a ground-up shake-up is going to fix it. The all-powerful/influential special interests are aware of where the winds blow, and they find ways to profit from that – and thus ensure that key individuals in the government also profit. One hand washes the other. So, the answer to the question posed is: YES. They all working for the same special interests.

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