Is alternative “cheap” or even “free” fuel really available? Who’s keeping a lid on it!?

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It always surprises me that seemingly non-controversial topics such as suppression of inventions (known to be a common fact and sometimes acknowledged even through official channels), nevertheless continue being represented as “conspiracy theories”. Perhaps it’s because some people overstate their cases, or perhaps because some supposed breakthrough inventions don’t quite live up to the hype. Be that as it may, alternative fuels for cars (and not only) – LOTS of them – have been around for years, and are here with us today. But which ones are “for real”? And who and why would want them buried?

  1. Water-powered cars (or rather: hydrogen-powered) have been debunked for years, including such wanna-be-respectable publications as Popular Mechanics (who have an unsettling record of debunking things which later turn out to be true!). And yet, once the car manufacturers figured out a way to store hydrogen (rather than producing it on-the-fly), suddenly you can go ahead and buy yourself a gasoline/hydrogen hybrid on the market!
  2. Electric cars were operational contemporaneously with fossil-fuel cars, and the initial models comfortably outperformed the gas guzzlers. Some early electric cars even managed to achieve better mileage than some of today’s electric cars – using early 1900’s technology! Did we hit the peak of battery technology a hundred years ago, or was something done to slow things down?
  3. Other exotic fuels or methods of propulsion have also been proposed, some more believable than others – and yet they too have been thoroughly “debunked” (i.e. shown to be false without PROVING to be false) – and subsequently disappeared from view. Some inventors have, allegedly, died in mysterious circumstances following the revealing of their shocking technologies.

There is ample proof available for coordinated suppression efforts on part of not only energy-related corporations or car manufacturers, but also on part of the government itself, whose patent office has been party to numerous puzzling decisions and actions. Some patents have been refused, some immediately sold and never heard of again. Occasional news stories about such things emerge, though never on the front pages.

The real question is “how efficient” some of those inventions are. But an even better question is: why suppress technologies at all? The answer is obvious and explains not only why the corporations do this routinely, but also why governments support this kind of suppression. For one, there’s the profit motive: a new technology will invalidate the old one into which the corporations are invested. For another, in a world where the free market is NOT allowed to function, the government is simply out of ideas how they can “create” enough new jobs to replace the old ones lost to the new technology. It’s stupid, uninformed and barbaric – but that’s our world. The answer to this question is thus, ABSOLUTELY YES.

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