So much BS online about making money “easily” and “fast”. Can you throw some light on this? Is everything online a scam?

Our answer:

The best time to lose ALL your money is when you’ve already lost SOME of it! Desperation is the mother or error. The proliferation of online “marketing gurus” and get-rich-quick schemes is proof that no matter what, we’re always ready to get taken by some unscrupulous villain. But… wait a minute… Surely, not “ALL” such schemes are fraudulent? Correct. Definitely not all. Oddly, quite possibly not even the majority! Sure, there ARE some – but many otherwise plausible ones get a bad rap not because they’re bad in and of themselves, but because people simply don’t apply them. So, the problem here is actually on BOTH sides: the cheating vendors and the lazy buyers.

  1. Some “gurus” misrepresent their info-products and thus mislead the buyers into purchases they otherwise wouldn’t have made. Other “gurus” explain things in such a complicated way that hardly anyone can follow. Others still, simply copy and paste systems which USED TO work, but don’t work very well any more. And yet, a good portion of info products actually IS technically viable. This doesn’t mean they’re actually going to make you “rich” or “fast” – but some of them DO work. You CAN earn “something” online, for sure! The trouble is knowing which ones are which.
  2. The buyers too aren’t entirely without blame. Many purchase multiple info-products and then dismiss them all-bar-one – and if that one doesn’t work for them, ALL the products get the bad rap. Other buyers don’t follow instructions very well. Perhaps they’re out of their depth to begin with, or they’re just not focused. But a much smaller group of buyers select their info-products advisedly, do their research prior to buying  and – quite often – wind up earning money. Never as fast as the hyped-up pitches would have you believe, but indeed they still do! Some buyers need to try more than one method before they hit on the one with which they resonate.
  3. Occasionally, some info-products can help you make 6- or 7-figures! Not very often, but still very true. But beware: THESE are the very cases that are floated around as “proof” that “anyone” can do it.

The answer to this question is a categorical NO. But – as with anything, you MUST do research and some due diligence. Join places like the Warrior Forum to get the low-down on just about ANY info-product out there. And by all means, ALWAYS Google the name of the product you’re considering buying. You need to know WHAT the product does before you buy it. Many info-products are sold on a MYSTERY. Be VERY CAREFUL with those. They sell you a “guaranteed way to make money”, but they don’t explain how – until you buy. And when you do, you might discover it’s something you’ve already tried, or something you don’t WANT to do.

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