On this site, I will be posting links and articles (including some originals) on a wide variety of topics which interest me. You are very welcome to join in! Submit your quality links, comments and/or articles and – if approved – they will be posted here with full attribution!

As for my political stance – it’s “none of the above”, LOL.

I’m unable to entirely dismiss any intelligent person who makes a good case for his or her political position. I found many commentators on the right and left – and center – engaging and convincing. It does, now and then, force me to revise my positions and it CAN be confusing. But only for a little while. Because soon I realize that the left-right paradigm is entirely false! There is much more that unites “politically-separated” people than divides them.

A more correct division might be along different lines entirely: those who are supporting individual freedom and those who believe that people must be governed with a heavy hand. And you can be sure that you’ll find advocates for BOTH these positions on ALL sides of the political spectrum.

Personally, I believe in personal freedom and hate big government. But I do not reject “all” government. I guess that would make me something of a minarchist or a centrist, if you had to put a label on it. But a centrist with a strong libertarian (even anarcho-capitalist) leaning.

As for pet peeves – I passionately hate busybodies and misguided do-gooders. I don’t so much question their motives as their intelligence. 🙂

It is critically important that we engage in a civilized dialogue. If your position (left OR right) is thought-through, I’m interested in hearing why. I’m against dogma and blind adherence to ANY philosophy.

Enjoy the site.

🙂 Paul



  1. Ace Baker

    Hi Paul,

    I’m curious why you think I’m “disinfo”. I would appreciate the opportunity to dialog.


    Ace Baker

    • PS

      Hi Ace,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Two reasons for my comment about your material being ‘disinfo’:

      1) The ‘no planes’ theory is contradicted on so many levels by both eye-witness and video evidence that one really would have to assume that they’re *ALL* in on the deception for it to work – which would be logically incongruous. That’s just my short answer that glosses over any more detailed arguments.

      2) Possibly because of this very logical incongruity many people who do serious 9/11 research dismiss any ‘no planes’ proponents as either deliberate or unwitting ‘disinfo’. In using that quote I simply reflected a rather wide-spread opinion – at least as far as people whose research I personally recognize as valid (because it deals with issues I can verify myself either through available documentation or simply through logic).

      What *IS* possible is that there was indeed doctored footage, but only “on top of” everything else – not to the exclusion of observed reality.

      My FIRST impression of your film was extremely positive. My CONTINUED impression is that your interpretation does not mislead ‘deliberately’ but that, rather, you have been convinced in the validity of your arguments. I am, however, no longer onboard with people who accuse you of ‘deliberate disinfo’ but I do sincerely believe your thesis (only video fakery, no real plane impacts) is erroneous. I did think that for a while, to be honest, but now my impression is that you really do mean it.

      Your research and effort you’ve put into your movie ) not to mention the fact that you’ve done a spectacular job, technically speaking – and that includes the excellent music) are to be commended. This is why I included the reference to this movie here on AltRes.org. Even though I do not agree with its foundational premise, I believe it’s powerful enough and argues its case well enough, for it to be worth sharing with other open-minded people.

      Interestingly, I received a number of strong objections from other researchers that posting a link to your movie can confuse people and make them believe that perhaps you are right after all, evidence to the contrary be damned. But I continue linking to your vid anyway, because I believe honest researchers can reach their own conclusions and I do NOT want to close myself to the possibility, however remote in my view, that you might be right after all. And, as I said, there is indeed a good chance that SOME video evidence was indeed tampered with. But that it was exclusively video fakery – no way, in my view. I’d give that about a 1% chance, which is still better than what I’d give, say, Judy Wood’s space-age weapons (for which there is NO need, to explain what happened on 9/11).

      Thanks for getting in touch,



      PS – I recommend watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fvJ8nFa5Qk


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